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Six tricks to get the most out of your green eyes

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Hello everybody! After speaking these weeks of dark hazel eyes , and following your requests, we speak today of colors that are perfect for green eyes . Green eyes seem to always smile, but sometimes sad if we do not use the right tone. These colors of shades of makeup that I propose, taupe, silver, violet, will make your eyes sparkle and give envy.

Makeup that enhances your look is composed of tones that give life to the green iris of your eyes . You can choose from a wide range of warm colors and cool colors . Among the former, I recommend the reddish – brown, brown glacé, apricot and topo . To add glamor to the look is better to opt for dark colors , especially copper tones as the lilac, mauve, plum, purple cold, pale pink and violet. The lilacs are especially well with green iris . Another possibility is to use gray tones such as anthracite or pearl.

1) Shadow taupe 

All makeup vanity cases need a neutral shade of eye, and for women with green eyes mole is neutral. Shades of taupe are warmer than normal brown. Moreover if you choose a taupe with a touch of brightness, as it will make your eyes shine. I love the Mole Covergirl Tapestry Taupe and H. Rubinstein.

2) Liner Gray

It is lighter than the black and give a softer look, but also highlight your eyes. Use it especially during the day, choose a creamy pencil Nars as graphite or MAC, as they are soft and easy to use and a good alternative to black.

3) Shadows purples 

I said in other posts that the purple works with all funds eye, but it is a gorgeous color for green eyes. The complementary color of green is red, then any shade with red hues really brings out green eyes. Lavender, violet, eggplant will also go very well. I like the three shades in the shadows trio of Shiseido VI 308. For more striking results, the purple shadow concentrated mainly near the lash line and apply them along. 

4) Eye Pencils chocolate and coffee 

A line of chocolate brown eye pencil has the same strong effect as black but without adding the black pencil hardness that gives clear eyes. Mostly I use it during the day if you want to take a well delineated eyes, though black is never prohibited. I like Elizabeth Arden’s pencil brown.

5) silver powder Shadows 

Robo this trick Kristen Stewart (she is one of the icons with green eyes) who knows how to leverage your look with a touch ‘smoked’ using powdered shadows in shades of silver or antiqued silver, like Bobbi Brown. Apply on the eyelids and inside corners. These colors will give you a point both ‘smoked’ as bright and deep and eternal gaze.

6) green-gold shades

Not be excluded shadows and green golds and silvers new tones with greenish touches, such as Nars eye shadow Mousson also be taken into account. Whenever you use a tone of the same color family that your eyes, plays with textures, such as the new bright textures and especially those incorporating slightly metallized textures that will make your eyes shine.

I hope you like it!
I wish you a good week! Until my next post. 

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