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How is our skin affected in winter?

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How does cold affect your skin?

Tightness, dryness, redness … Low temperatures take their toll and it is not enough to protect oneself to protect sensitive areas such as the face.

The cold is very aggressive for facial skin, so you should protect it with highly nutritious products.

The climatic factors of winter (cold, wind, sudden changes in temperature, environmental dryness) are an aggression to our skin. Unlike in summer, which usually protect us more and more from the sun, at this time we forget our skin. And yet, the cold can be very damaging especially for the finest and sensitive skins .

According to the experts of Eucerin, in winter, with the cold, the skin reacts by “narrowing the blood vessels to protect the body from excessive heat loss.” Persistent cold temperatures reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands and cause drying of the skin”.

Lips and cheeks, extremely sensitive areas

The cold affects dry and fine skins more than fats, and also sensitive and atopic skin, where redness and pathologies such as rosacea or couperose can be produced . Furthermore, not all the skin of the body suffers in the same way the consequences of the cold. Logically the areas that we have covered are more protected, but what about the face?

The nose, forehead or chin, which usually have a more oily skin, better withstand the aggressions of winter, while the cheeks are more affected , like the lips , whose fine skin can crack.

Another area of ​​the body that also suffers a lot in winter are the hands . Not only because we do not protect them with gloves, but also because they are one of those areas that we usually forget in our beauty routine. If we add that we wash more frequently than other areas, dryness is very common and more in winter.

How to take care of your skin in winter

  • Hydration : it is essential to avoid dryness, which results in tightness, and eventually, premature wrinkles. Apply moisturizer on the whole body after showering (avoid using too hot water that dries the skin even more).
  • Rich creams for your face . Forget the light textures, which are for summer. As soon as the cold arrives you should use more nutritious creams, especially if your skin is dry. Do not leave home without your moisturizer. And if your skin is very sensitive to cold, always carry a little pot with you so that you can reapply at any time, as soon as you notice tightness.
  • Anti-redness products . If your skin is very sensitive and tends to redden, add anti-redness creams and creams to your beauty routine.

  • Do not forget the sun protection factor . In winter you also have to protect yourself from the sun. You may not need a sunscreen if your cream already incorporates sunscreen, but if not, you should put on the protector.
  • Moisturizing and repairing masks . At night, take the opportunity to give your skin an extra hydration using once a week moisturizing and repairing masks. And then applying a nourishing cream and facial oils.
  • Moisturize whenever you need your hands and your lips . Two areas that are especially sensitive to dryness and that you should pamper a lot in winter to avoid suffering. Always carry in your bag a rich and nourishing hand cream and a lip balm or cocoa.
  • Drink water : we associate the idea of ​​drinking water with summer and heat, but in winter you should also hydrate inside. In addition to the drying effect of wind and cold, heating causes environmental dryness. Get used to drinking water throughout the day to be well hydrated inside.
  • Star ingredient: hyaluronic acid. It is not the only one, but it is one of the most important ingredients to fight against dryness, so look for creams and serums with hyaluronic acid so that your skin has all the hydration it needs in winter.

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