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Skin cancer: the step from the consultation of Dermatology to Oncology – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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When the patient with skin cancer goes from consulting to Oncology Dermatology, they emerge feelings of fear and anxiety , according to TodoDermo Maria Die Trill, director of the Institute of Psycho – Oncology and Clinical Psychology in Madrid. “Being referred to the oncologist usually takes greater awareness of the seriousness of the situation , ” he says. Instead, the Spanish Society of Psicooncología (SEPO) notes that “change specialty should not be a traumatic always done and when the first health professional provide adequate information to the user.” They add that ” the care of the sick can not be compartmentalized and should focus more like a multidisciplinary work.”

Since the diagnosis of the disease, Die states that the pharmacist contributes to the whole process “because patients are more comfortable with the doctor when performing certain questions or express their emotions.” Therefore, it recommends maintaining open communication and provide users with information to meet their needs . In his view, must empathize with them, but “avoid convey our own concerns or feelings of helplessness for the moment that crosses”.

Besides the deal behind the counter, Die says the hospital pharmacy “must also be sensitive to these issues, because when a person perceives collect their medication there that his condition is more serious.”

And in the case of children with cancer?
In general, the SEPO believes that the key is ” normalizing the situation and remember that skin tumors are treatable” as well as “the impact on young people and children is very low.” Die asserts that ” basal cell cancer and other types of skin cancers are more common in adults , ” although when detected in children, “the reaction of children to be referred to Oncology is highly variable and depends on your age, your ability cognitive and previous experience with other diseases “.

Die apothecary explains that “occupies an important place for cancer patients to know that they can detect signs of emotional distress or physical changes that go unnoticed in other environments.” In his view, the pharmacist is uniquely positioned to promote adherence , reporting on the treatment, prevention of skin diseases and education in self – care guidelines. “This is essential in oncology where therapies are usually highly aggressive , ” he concludes.

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