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Skin care after pregnancy

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Now that you have your baby and see it starts to open your eyes and gaze follows you, your skin begins to breathe happiness for each and every one of your pores.

Although we know that all your attention is going to bring this new little person, we
understand that you also worried about how your
skin will respond after pregnancy , how your belly will decrease its diameter , and if thereby as little will occur the dreaded stretch marks .
It is essential that
from the third month to start a Williamson treatment directed toward preventing loss of toning the abdomen .
skin care during pregnancy is very important. As you know, during pregnancy

usually increases the formation of skin fat, made it back to normal after delivery. It is normal to present a skin sebaceous more content than usual for its type. Therefore we recommend moisturizing products that toning your face and your body, but with low lipid content or seborreguladoras substances.
Postpartum even notice your abdomen remains relaxed and gradually will recover its previous state.
However, it is very important to start a Williamson treatment with a moisturizing emollient and firming having to recover toning cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue and nourish properly to the fibers of collagen and elastin recover diameter and appropriate tissue concentration.
The prevalence of
stretch marks is very high: nearly 25% of women suffer postpartum. The collagen fibers and elastin are responsible for the support and the skin elasticity. During pregnancy, the skin has endured intense stress occurred and internal cracks of these fibers may be visible as a skin lines at the beginning are pink / purple and subsequently become pearlescent. They are usually located on the breasts, abdomen, buttocks, arms or hips.
Just keep in mind that
is the more elastic skin , less likely to develop stretch marks will be because he has more ability to return to its initial state .
It is very important preventive function of treatment during and after
pregnancy . Once formed scars (striae), they do not disappear. Therefore, it is essential to use moisturizing emollient and firming , because the skin and musculature should return to normal.
We recommend substances have basic function enhancement of
regeneration of skin tissue , to promote the formation of elastin and collagen by fibroblasts. We recommend your application at least twice a day:

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