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Skin care for the bearded man

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Many men have decided to spend the suffered shaved to show off his beard. They carry all types and allowed to grow until they feel comfortable and identified with them. And we love it ! There are as many men as different types of beard . Although all the end always you wonder about the best way to care when you leave grow.

First important concept: a beard does not prevent you
care for the skin underneath . In fact, cleansing and hydration are very important. These two pillars are essential for the care of men ‘s skin and must not ignore even if you have a beard.

Beard means, depending on their lushness, a situational change in the
basic care of skin care . There is hair where there was not before, but care must be maintained equally. So we change shampoos and soaps for moisturizing emollients add by balms or oils.

It is essential to
make 1-2 washes per day to keep it healthy and free oftineas , or fungoides . We recommend you employ a daily specific soap for beard. Do not apply soap you usually use for your scalp, because the composition of facial hair and, above all, skin is different and may cause peeling or dryness, since facial skin is thinner and more sensitive to external aggression .

Washing should be gentle;
allowing the foam is responsible for
removing excess sebaceous content and impurities both hair and skin.

After washing or out of the shower, dry your beard gently with a towel or dryer, but never with hot air.

The beard growth has a natural tendency to dry the skin, resulting in itching and flaking of the skin.
daily hydration is important for maintaining healthy both skin and beard.
Use balms or oils specific if the beard is very leafy get both moisturize skin and facial hair. If not, a moisturizing emollient more conventional will suffice.

After washing it
is possible that, by the astringency of the composition of soap, hair can get to be rough or dry. Using a moisturizer that
contains vitamin C and E or caffeine (energizing effect) or ginseng (stimulates hair growth) to look healthy again.

We recommend you
follow a simple
routine daily:

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