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Skin care in case of an allergic reaction

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Surely you’ve ever felt like the skin of your face, after contact with a substance or product, is red or irritated. Often even this is accompanied by much itching and scratching after a very annoying rash appears. If you happened to you, you may be an allergic reaction to require specific care for your skin back to its natural state.

Some components of facial products we use in our daily lives can irritate our skin.
What occurs is an
allergic reaction to these active ingredients and the skin is defended by tissue inflammation to prevent absorption of the component and minimize the damage that could occur.

However, it is
worth noting that allergic reactions depend on the individual and his immune system and not the product applied. There may be different answers for each person.

A possible skin allergy on the face, the first recommendation is not alarmed.
skin allergies or contact dermatitis have symptoms of short duration and treatment is usually easy to execute:

But mostly, we suggest you place an
daily care of your skin to keep it hydrated and clean. Skin that is not properly cleaned is more susceptible to inflammatory or allergic reactions.

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