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Finally you have the qualities of this unique product of MartiDerm. Our blisters proteoglycan more powerful!

Wait, read and let themselves you fall in
love …

Needless to say you blisters of
proteoglycans are a pioneering product, created by Laboratorios MartiDerm, whose combination of assets, proteoglycan and vitamin C pure , it makes them a tandem unique and very effective.

Over a year ago, he came to the family Queen crown, and has come to stay, because it leaves no one indifferent and every day has more followers.
It is our blister
Skin Complex + .

“black blisters’ , as we call familiarly contain:

proteoglycan, Born in 1989, she has evolved over the years to reach its version 3.0 . This revolutionary version, a precursor of proteoglycans naturally occurring, can retain large amounts of water, providing elasticity and firmness to our skin .

Skin texture Complex bears no similarity to any other ampule of our family.
Provides an enveloping and silky touch so you get a feeling of unparalleled comfort.

It is
suitable for all skin types , from dry to mixed s- fat s, and in the case of hides sensitive presents great tolerance. Their mode of use is the standard of our range: ½ ampoule in the morning or evening on the face, neck and neckline, long before the cream of daily use.

Clinical studies of this unique product show visible results from the first application.

Do you dare to try it ?

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