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Skin diseases, the fourth cause of disability in the world – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Skin diseases are the fourth leading cause of global disability that develops throughout life , behind anemia, tuberculosis and sensory disabilities. So says a study by the Cancer Center of the University of Colorado, in the United States, published Wednesday in the journal Jama Dermatology .

” It is surprising how much disabling inflammatory lesions such as rash, hives or acne , ” says Robert Dellavalle, one of the authors of this research. In addition, these skin problems cause more comorbidities than skin cancer . “Some of these rashes and acne can begin at an early age and last over time. However, cancers appear later, which means that when calculating their burden in life expectancy is much higher , “explains Dellavalle. For this analysis, researchers have consulted about 4,000 sources and measured the degree of disability adjusting to the years lived, which contextualizes the results. In this regard, the expert clarifies that“The low prevalence of skin cancer in China and India, compared with the United States, contributes to inflammatory problems are those who acquire more prominence” .

Overall, skin diseases pose a global burden of 1.79 percent. Specifically, the first is the dermatitis with 0.38 percent including in this group atopic , contact and seborreica-, followed by acne with 0.29 percent, while the third place share psoriasis and urticaria with 0.19 percent. This list also incorporated viral infections with 0.16 percent, fungi (0.15 percent), scabies (0.07 percent), melanoma (0.06 percent), pyoderma gangrenosum (0.05 percent), cellulitis (0.04 percent), cutaneous carcinoma (0.03 percent), decubitus ulcer (0.03 percent) and alopecia areata (0.001 percent).

Chante Karimkhani, lead author of the study, notes that “these diseases not only cause considerable pain, physical and emotional scars, but l will dermatologic findings are often the initial manifestation of systemic disease .”

Therefore, researchers claim that this work will serve as a reference when planning public health strategies and decide which issues allocate funds. Dellavalle cites the impact “has scabies in regions of the South Pacific and Africa, which provides an opportunity to investigate and help these communities.”

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