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‘Skin loses 1% collagen each year’ – Pharmaceutical Post – All Dermo

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With age the skin undergoes a series of changes that make lose brightness, elasticity and firmness and wrinkles increase. And tries to prevent these problems of mature skin , Eucerin has renewed its range and launched the new Elasticity + Filler . As reported to TodoDermo Juan Arenas, medical advisor to the company, at a ceremony held Wednesday in Madrid, ” after 40 years, the skin loses collagen 1 percent each year, A component essential to keep the skin firm. ” This, said, “In addition to damage from external factors such as solar radiation, stress or pollution, and own physiological age changes, necessitates the use of specific products to help address these problems.” The new firm Eucerin consists of three products, a day cream, a night and an oil. 

  • The new range consists of three products: a day cream, a night and an oil

The formula of Eucerin Elasticity + fille r cream day and night presents a combination of ingredients that includes arctiin silymarin and hyaluronic acid . Arctiin, reported, “is an effective active ingredient, from the fruit of burdock, a medicinal herb that accelerates the process of renewal of collagen in skin dermis, improving its elasticity and firmness”.
Silymarin is naturally occurring and is extracted from the fruit of milk thistle. As an antioxidant, “protects the elastin and collagen degradation, leaving the skin visibly firmer”. In addition, “the system activates the microcirculation of the skin.”

The formula also contains ingredients hyaluronic acid short chain “filler effect which intensifies the deeply penetrating the epidermal layer and long chain hydrating the stratum corneum immediately”.

The formulas of the day cream and night cream help to fill deeper wrinkles from within the skin, smoothing it . Day cream includes sun protection factor (SPF) 15 and a system of UVA filter, while the formula of the night cream contains argan oil , which is rich in lipids (essential fatty acids omega 6 and 9) and It helps regenerate skin, and nourish it intensely overnight.

The range is completed by a facial oil . An antioxidant – enriched formula essential oils firming the skin and increases its elasticity while providing a satin finish. Vitamin E acts against oxidative stress and helps to strengthen the natural resistance of the skin. Argan oil, rich in lipids, softens the skin surface.


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