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Is there any skin remedy which you can apply to prevent bedbugs?

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12 Amazing Home Remedies To Prevent Bed Bugs

Some of the most effective home remedies to avoid bed bugs include the use of rubbing alcohol, baking soda, cayenne pepper, talcum powder, caulking, tea tree oil, thyme, mint, citronella, clove, oil lavender and steam cleaning.


One of the most disturbing things is to crawl the insects on your skin when you sleep, but unfortunately, that is precisely what happens to people who suffer an infestation of bed bugs. The common bugs that feed on human blood are known scientifically as Cimex lectularius , and prefer to live in hot places near the bed and the sleeping area, since that is where their food source (humans) spend much of their time. unconscious time. Bed bugs are essentially nocturnal and can reproduce very quickly. They are approximately 4-5mm in size and can exist without identifying. However, their bites appear as small red bites and can also spread to a large, red rash.

After the bite, you can usually inspect bedding carefully to find the culprits. Fortunately, bed bugs do not carry pathogens or are not known to be a nuisance for humans, but they are still quite gross and can spread quickly to other tissues and bedding and outbreaks are common. Some people choose to use pesticides to eliminate bed bugs, but part of the reason bed bugs have seen a resurgence in recent years is due to pesticide resistance. Therefore, many people have opted for more reliable strategies (which also have fewer side effects for animals, young children and the environment). Now, let’s take a look at these natural and home remedies to avoid bed bugs.

Home Remedies To Avoid Bed Bugs

Steam cleaning : One of the best ways to eliminate these small irritating parasites is with extreme heat. Therefore, steaming your bedding and other tissues that can be infested with bed bugs is a great strategy to kill bugs quickly. The temperature above 150 degrees Fahrenheit makes it impossible for them to survive, which makes steam cleaning one of the most effective and surefire ways to improve the problem.

Lavender oil : Through the endless trial and error and trying to eliminate these annoying creatures for generations, it has been found that bed bugs absolutely do not like the smell and taste of lavender oil. The same is true in the case of other essential oils as well, but lavender oil is the most effective. Put a few drops of lavender oil on your sheets and pillows, and bed bugs literally run away.

Caulking : While this is not a direct treatment for bed bugs, it is a wonderful way to prevent bugs from ever entering (or returning) to your home. You can put extra caulking on door frames, cabinets and other points where they can enter your home. So, bed bugs will not be able to find their way in the first place.

Mint : The smell of mint leaves is also a natural insect repellent , many people have sprinkled leaf of crushed mint around their sleeping area to avoid the bugs, or order their bedding with the mint leaf placed between them. sheets and blankets.

Tea Tree Oil : As one of the strongest and most potent essential oils, tea tree oil has become many home remedies . For bed bugs, this antibacterial, antiviral and natural antifungal acts quickly to eliminate the infestation. You can put a few drops on the sheets or you can mix it with the cleaning products and use it throughout the house, so that they never enter.

Rub alcohol : One of the best things about alcohol is that it is a fast drying agent . Alcohol quickly dehydrates bed bugs and kills effectively, killing the infestation. However, then your sheets have been sprayed with a little alcohol, so you should wash them immediately.

Baking soda : Similar to rubbing alcohol, Baking soda has a remarkable ability to absorb liquids, which makes it one of the most effective drying agents on the market. Spraying this substance on the floor near cracks in the wall, or by spraying on the bed, can eliminate the problem quickly.

Cintronela : This herb works in two ways to eliminate bed bugs. Bed bugs not only hate the smell and flee from cintronela, but also increase the acidity levels of bugs, which they can not tolerate. Either way, this home remedy is very effective and widely used.

Clove : As a cintronela, the high percentage of acidity in the essential oil of clove is intolerable for bed bugs, which preferred to flee from high pH to suffer, even to the loss of a good meal. Spraying the nail oil on your bedding and pillows should do the trick.

Cayenne Pepper : By combining ginger and cayenne pepper, you can create a solution that is extremely powerful and unpleasant for bed bugs, so you will not be able to stand in their presence. The problem is solved!

Talcum powder : Talcum powder, an especially powerful drying agent , acts to smother bedbugs between bedding, so a simple spray should solve your problem quickly. At that time, you can wash your bedding or steam clean to remove them and get your sleep back to normal.

Thyme : This herb has a very powerful smell, especially when it burns and is able to empty a bedbug infestation without time. Also, thyme can be spread or spread near the borders of the house or the door frames, so that bed bugs do not enter.

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