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Skin Tips For Aging

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          Even if we were tired from working or studying it.
You need to wash your face before bed. Sleep in spite of the makeup on the face is strictly prohibited because the oil stains on cosmetic stains are combined to clog pores underneath. Do both acne papule acne and acne up to greet the next morning, of course. It is also embedded in the dirt until a doctor retained by the bacteria.


          For tropical house
Sunscreen is very important. A lazy, how it must be. Because ultraviolet light from the sun or UV light will cause harm to the skin. It can cause skin dryness, wrinkles, freckles, and to cause premature. If not aging, do not forget to apply sunscreen before sun here.


             Although coffee is considered a dear friend of the working-age girls.
To help relieve dizziness, it’s true. The caffeine in coffee is harmful to our skin dry and sagging. Moreover, both the sugar and creamer Coffee-Mate also makes us more weight as well. The best way to try a juice instead be better than me.  


          Both alcohol and smoking can cause skin dehydration and death Il elastin and collagen.
This will make our skin look older and premature skin is sagging, too. If you want beautiful skin, then avoidance both do better.


           Scrub the surface of your skin, it’s real clear.
If you scrub too often. To make a noise Acne, dry skin and wrinkles as well. Thus scrub 1-2 times a week is enough for me.


          In one day we should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day because water is the key to keeping skin radiant and clear crush.
If we do not drink enough water well for a long time, it will cause dry skin wrinkles and aging skin as well.


           This is a very important part of my skin.
People should sleep 7-8 hours a day for glowing skin and filled with water. If we sleep next to each other frequently. The skin will also wither Panda has also supplied separately. So do not sleep decisive for our skin too.


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