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First and most important is to ask the client if he redness has appeared recently, papules or pustules if you have (you get pimples), and if previously diagnosed with acne or acne rosacea .

Explain that if the redness is persistent and bilateral also abruptly get them out of these granites, and you are infected, you should see your dermatologist.

In case you have already diagnosed with acne rosacea, along with the treatment prescribed by your doctor, we can recommend:

dietary measures (certain foods can worsen redness), hygiene products soap, no perfume, no alcohol and moisturizing or Serum or with very little fat, oil-free and non-comedogenic course.

A routine would be:

Cleaning with soft foam, or micellar specific water (AR Sensibio Bioderma micellar water, micellar AR Sensifine water SVR) and used as a tonic to soothe the skin hot springs.

Moisturizers day as Rosacure Intensive SPF 30, Sensifine fluid soothing for combination skin SVR + sunscreen Skinceuticals SPF50 with physical filters, or Serum as Phytocorrective SkinCeuticals and protection oil-free like Heliocare 360 dry-touch, too specific cream for redness redness Neutralizer gives good results. Caudalie Moisturizing line is also oil-free and soothing.

Night serum : Darphin Purifying or azelaic acid gel as moisturizing gel Azelac Sesderma or Rosacure Fast IFC.

It would be best to test a sample of these products and see how your skin reacts before purchasing.


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