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Small painless lumps or spots, first symptoms of cutaneous basal cell carcinoma – Pharmacy Post – All Dermo

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“The cutaneous basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common skin cancer, accounts for 80 percent of non – melanoma skin tumors although not so well known. In fact, only 1 percent is diagnosed , “said Juan Francisco Parra, head physician Roche skin cancer in the Masterclass Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCB), as often as little knownorganized by Roche on Monday March 7 in Madrid. This figure coincides with cases where the tumor develops in a more advanced state, representing a major impact on the patient’s health because it reduces quality of life, autonomy and social isolation causes. Parra said the tumor is considered advanced when it is no longer operable or starts to have metastases. “Although this will not happen in all cases, should not trivialize the extent of this disease , ” he added. There are several types, but generally manifest with mild skin disorders, such as small painless bumps or spots that may bleed and lead to more serious injuries.

The CBC affects both men and women, with a higher incidence after age 50, although it also occurs in young when it is associated with hereditary components. ” This is the case of Gorlin syndrome characterized by the appearance of multiple BCCs. However, it is rare and very invasive , “said Pedro Redondo, coordinator of the Spanish Group of Surgical Dermatology, Lasers and Cutaneous Oncology (Gecidoc) of AEDV . From the biological point of view, this cancer is related to the Hedgehog pathway . “This is a metabolic pathway whose variations are linked to tumor development, in this case, basal cell carcinoma , ” said Javier Medina, an oncologist at University Hospital Virgen de la Salud, in Toledo. Following this relationship we are working on finding drugs that inhibit the activity of proteins involved in the development of CBC . However, Redondo stresses that the main trigger of this cancer is ultraviolet radiation and warns: ” It is necessary for prevention campaigns include carcinoma and melanoma not only”.

Within the actions to prevent the development of CBS they include both early detection from consultation and prevention, which involved the pharmacist. Specifically, it is essential their work when recommending photoresist depending on skin type and needs of each person . “In the pharmacy should promote sun protection and is suitable to be involved in prevention campaigns , ” said Redondo. “For any consultation at the pharmacy is best to refer the patient to a dermatologist because the clinical picture is very broad and sometimes the symptoms are very subtle , ” he said.

Sometimes when the tumor becomes an advanced stage and especially if not addressed in time causes physical effects, such as loss of an eye or partial amputation of limbs. “As a result suffer from depression and anxiety to see their limited abilities and altered image which in turn creates dependency and social isolation , ” he stressed Maria Die, specializing in Oncology at the University Hospital Gregorio Maranon psychologist in Madrid. This expert said that when the patient goes to the consultation of the Oncology Dermatology has a severe impact on an emotional level . “Like any other cancer patient feels fear and what we call the syndrome of Damocles, ie continuous sense of threat of death , ” specified Die, who did not forget the involvement of the disease in the family, dominated by feelings of guilt because, sometimes, they can not take care of all the care needed by patients. “At this point it is necessary to evaluate the psychological throughout the cancer process needs and also encourage their autonomy and promote their social integration , ” he recommends.

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