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Solar allergies, reason for frequent consultation in summer – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Sun allergies encompass a series of processes characterized by an abnormal reaction to exposure to solar radiation UVA and UVB. Usually cause swelling, itching and appearance of pimples, appearing in areas like the neck and arms.

The most common reaction is polymorphic light eruption (ESP), explains to TodoDermo María Muñoz Pereira, head of Allergology HM Montepríncipe University Hospital in Madrid. “The sun allergies are characterized by appearing on sun – exposed areas and respect the skin that has been covered with clothing .” In addition to ESP, “have also been included in sun allergies pictures like subaguado lupus, solar or various urticaria porfirias “said Ricardo Suarez Fernandez, head of the Dermatology Department of Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Maranon in Madrid.

  • Sun allergies are characterized respect the skin that has been covered with clothing

Treatment, and avoid sun exposure, focuses on combating itching with oral antihistamines and steroid cream for skin inflammation. “If the reaction is generally exaggerated need oral corticosteroids also ” adds Muñoz. It also may be treated with preventive, “through the use of antioxidants, beta – carotene and measures photoprotective broad spectrum , ” says Suarez.

In addition to specific treatments , “much hydration is recommended and prevent excessive sweating ” account Muñoz. Even the patient can take “sessions UVA with psoralen weeks before exposure to try to prevent the onset of the reaction , ” he adds.

Especially in white leather

This is a common condition in people with white skin that do not apply measures photoprotection prior to exposure. Suarez says that “the EPS typically affects young women, but is getting better with age .” But also it appears in “People taking any treatment that favors phototoxicity or are sensitive to some sunscreens , ” Muñoz explains.

  • After a few days without the sun its effects disappear

Symptoms of this type of reaction are frequent consultations in pharmacies coastal places , especially during the first days of sun exposure. For detection from the pharmacy it is recommended to attend the location of the reaction, since, as mentioned before, “respects the areas covered by clothing” and ” appears as a rash sandpaper type ” according to Munoz. If the reaction is very extensive or the patient has other symptoms, ” should be referred to the doctor “.

It is important to know that these sun allergies are not chronic diseases , so after making the proper treatment and after a few days without the sun disappear effects . In addition, you should know that “preventive measures can be prevented from year to year. Among them they are to be exposed to the sun safely , apply sunscreen with high SPF , avoid the middle of the day and consider if you are taking any treatment that produces photosensitivity “, remember the experts.

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