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Spoiled makeup: do not throw it away, give it a second chance

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It is not unusual for the compact compact, the case of eyeshadow or blush box on the floor finish. Result? the cracked powders are scattered everywhere, and horror! were not just your favorites, it is that they are also limited editions that will never again go to market.

Well do not worry that all these disasters and some other more are easy and quick solutions that You will give a new chance of life to your beloved makeups.

  • Disaster : broken powders

Compact powders, shadows and blushers have suffered an unfortunate fall and cracked pigments have lost their solid union.

Solution : Place recoverable pieces inside the case with any remaining intact, add a few drops of alcohol and allowed to soak in, then espachurra with the back of a spoon the mixture and allowed to dry for a few of days.

  • Disaster: bar starting lips

Solution: Heat the ends of both halves in the flame of a candle for a few seconds, then attach them gently pressing both halves. Put lipstick on a flat pan and put in the freezer until it stays compact.

  • Disaster: mascara brush lumpy

Solution : Apply a little Vaseline on your fingers to brush and then remove the remains of product with a clean handkerchief. Never wash it with soap and water, since soap can irritate the eyes and the water can introduce bacteria to mascara.

  • Disaster: mask dry eyelashes

Solution: Perhaps having been crashed or because it’s been too long in the open, the case is that the product is dry. To restore its ideal texture and makeup to the eyelashes need to add a few drops of olive oil, of almendaras or rosehip, who have on hand or what you like. Once has provided the lubricant, the tube is shaken and rubbed between the hands, he has never been to remove and put the applicator tube to the mixture, because what is achieved is to add air ends resecting the product.

  • Disaster: Melted makeups

Solution: If your liquid blush, eyeliner or lipstick melted into the vanity case you forgot the sun or a heat source, Take them carefully and give way again with your fingers to tuck them below in the freezer for one day to to recover the toughness.

  • Disaster: blunt pencils

Solution: Each time you use the sharpener with kohl, eyebrow pencil or eyeliner, you lose a lot of product that gets stuck in the sharpener. Avoid it by introducing the pencil in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to action.

  • Disaster: desiccated nail polish

Solution : Want to paint your nails with the nail that you like but you carry unused months; or just you want that time has been too uncapped; the fact is that you find that its texture is hard as a rock. You can do two things to eliminate dryness or lumps and restore its normal consistency: add a few drops of liquid nail polish remover and keep trying until the texture you want. And when you have a hand or nail polish remover or acetone, just to heat water in a container and immersing the bottle for a few minutes enamel recover its optimal state.

  • Disaster: mask dry eyelashes

Perhaps having been crashed or because it’s been too long in the open, the fact is that the brush of mascara appears dry and pocked granules in its bristles. To restore its ideal texture and makeup to the eyelashes need to add a few drops of olive oil, of almendaras or rosehip, what you have on hand or what you like. Once the lubricant has been provided, the tube is agitated and rubbed his hands, has never been to draw and put the applicator tube because what is added is air that will spoil the texture of the mask. 

The products:

  • Blush: Blush pink tourmaline, Giorgio Armani

    A subtle blush micronization whose formula provides a translucent light that can illuminate all skin types can achieve exceptional touch of softness.
    Contrary to what happens with the current formulas, the combination of whites, beiges and pinks replace the usual white powder funds, providing a perfect result. 46 €

  • Lancôme Rouge in Love Like a second skin that can satisfy all desires thanks to its modular makeup. Its texture is scented with delicate notes of roses and violets. Available in a range of 24 colors, each with its name and history. 26 €.

  • Mascara
    . Noir G de Guerlain design jeweler Lorenz Baumer is. The same that once, three years ago, Rouge G lipstick with hidden mirror was invented. As for the mask itself incorporates Ultra Black pigments new generation (more blacks and brighter) which causes the eyelashes to dress in black intense look while longer, thick and curly. 48 €.
  • Pencils. Khôl & Contour – Shadow & Light (C. Black & Light) Bourjois   is both kohl, eye and eye shadow because its melting, creamy texture blends easily. With its double – ended pencil Shadow & Light has a dark mine and clear mine. Its dark tone and matt structure and intensifies the look thanks to its highly concentrated pigment formula. Its clear tone increases light and gives depth to the look thanks to a high concentration of nacre. In six tones. 9.85 €.
  • Nail polish. La Laque Couture ‘The Vernithèque’ Yves Saint Laurent.
    Fetishes colors inspired creations and artistic heritage of YSL: Majorelle Blue, timeless fuchsia, black tuxedo, beige Saharan Africa . End and duration Brightness: With polymers technology combined with micromirrors create a resistant film and ensure a lasting shine. The formula and


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