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Stanpa helps women with cancer to feel beautiful – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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  • Take care of your appearance decreases the level of anxiety, increases your self-esteem and facilitates interaction with people

Since 2012, the Stanpa Foundation, through its program Ponte beautiful, you will feel better , working in collaboration with hospitals and volunteers to improve self – esteem of women with cancer through workshops focusing on skin care and makeup application during cancer treatment. To commemorate the third anniversary and to mark the World Cancer Day, 4 February , the Stanpa Foundation, wanted to share the experience of the 1,500 women who have attended more than 200 workshops throughout the Spanish geography.

The project Ponte beautiful, you’ll feel better helps restore the image of the patient, working on recovering their self – esteem so that they can carry out their fight against the disease with more confidence. It is present in 16 public hospitals in Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, Girona, Ciudad Real, Santiago de Compostela and Albacete. It also has the collaboration of health professionals (doctors, nurses, psychooncologists and volunteers of the Spanish Association Against Cancer) and more than 60 beauty professionals volunteers who guide patients through the 12 essential steps for skin care and makeup application (http://www.fundacionstanpa.com/cuida-tu-piel/)

“Cosmetic accompanies women throughout his life, in everyday and happy moments, but also wants to be at his side in times of difficulty as going through cancer,” says Val Diez, CEO STANPA Foundation. “Taking care of your appearance while improving your mood, decreases anxiety level increases your self-esteem and facilitates interaction with the people around you.”

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