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The rush of everyday life make it not easy to devote much time to care cosmetics. However, getting the skin look healthy looking is by not skip a basic rituals of care. The basic ritual of any cosmetic care is based on three steps: cleaning, treatment and protection , ” says Candida Losa, member of Dermopharmacy the COF of Guipúzcoa . For those in a hurry and for those who can devote more time, these steps can be done at two speeds.

For cleaning, if you want to do well, according to the pharmaceutical Immaculate Canterla, director of Cosmeceutical Center and a specialist in Dermocosmetics, should invest time and effort.

In fact, Losa explains that cleaning turn consists of three gestures: makeup remover, sanitize and balance . “Cleanse is the first action that we perform daily, morning and night to remove dirt that has accumulated (dead cells, pollution) and ensure proper oxygenation of the skin of the face.” 

  • Exfoliation and purification are kept to be applied unhurried and relaxed atmosphere

This expert notes that we must distinguish two zones, eyes and lips , in which specific products should be used. “For the rest of the face milks or creams are used, especially for dry skin, applied with circular movements and then removed with damp sponges. If mixed or fat are more suitable sparkling gels, mousses and formulas oil free , and for sensitive skin, the micellar waters. “

Sanitize consists in washing the skin with soap products that are removed with water and out to remove any traces of makeup and bacteria that may have become attached to the skin. This is another step that must be done every day, morning and night. “The final step is to balance the skin, restoring its pH and acondicionándola for subsequent facials. This balance is achieved with the tonics, which should be applied morning and night. “

In cases where, for lack of time, an espresso cleaning, Antonio Torres, member of Office of Pharmacy COF La Coruna needed, recommends presentations 3 in 1, replacing milk and tonic, or wipes. Yes, ” you always have to take into account whether the person is makeup or not and the type of makeup (eye and skin) when choosing the cleaning product, since not all removed, for example, the makeup waterproof “says Torres.

Moisturizes and nourishes
Treatment is the second pillar of beauty ritual, and its function is to improve hydration during the day and promote cell regeneration during the night, “thus explains slab – Cándida should apply every day in these two moments. A good option is the serum and, after him, creams designed to maintain hydration and / or skin nutrition.

The third step is the protection , “which is achieved with creams including sunscreen, applied half an hour before leaving home, or applying make – ups that combine biological and physical filters against UV rays , ” says Losa.

“The effects of daily care and action of the treatments that are applied to the skin can be improved with gestures such as exfoliation and purification , ” says Losa. Yes, they are not intended to apply every day, take time and no hurry. In fact, Canterla recommends apply them in an environment as relaxing as possible, “without haste or anxiety” to avoid generating an increase in cortisol (stress hormone).


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