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MartiDerm laboratory has just introduced an innovative dermocosmetic treatment, high technology applied to the skin:
Every day, the skin is subjected to various attacks.
And, gradually, the influence of external and internal factors is impacting the body’s response to them, in their own ability to repair and in the process of skin aging.
MartiDerm has succeeded, 
through scientific innovation and implementation of  concepts  and pigené tica , a treatment  specific to  prevent damage that could affect  to  the expression of our genes and ,  therefore, to 
 our appearance .
Is to 
activate the mechanisms of cell regeneration , affected by both external factors during times of increased oxidative stress (sun, cold, weather changes, humidity, stress, etc.) as those generated by the passage of time. It is an exclusive treatment for people of any age who wish to improve the appearance of your skin. Epigence 145 Cream  and  Epigence 145 Sleeping Cream  are part of the Black Diamond line and constitute a treatment day and night, along with the other products in the range, take a step further in skin care.
Day treatment for all skin types with a light, fast absorbing texture, which reprograms the skin and slows the signs of aging.

Its ingredients, 
highly moisturizing and rea signatories,  help ma ntener elasticity and  the  firmness . It also contains vitamins that provide light to the skin.
Night treatment for all skin types, with a richer texture, provides a soothing feeling very comfortable.
Ingredients favor renovac night ion cell and increase  the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. ingredients :

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