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Summer 2012: tips to protect your skin from the sun

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Sunbathing is energizing and beneficial for our body as long as you take precautions. And for that, the photoresist (sunscreens) is the best way to sunbathing intelligently because inadequate exposure to solar radiation can cause us burns, photosensitivity, dermatitis, skin photoaging (wrinkles, blemishes, etc.), cancer and impaired immune system long term.

You bear in mind that if your skin is very white not going to get a tan as intense as people with darker skin, but you
increase the exposure time.

Three recommendations sun protected:

1. Before buying a sunscreen, check to incorporate
protective filters anti UVB rays-responsible tan, erythema and quemaduras- and anti UVA -dan color quickly, but cause photoaging. Diferenciarás each other by the sun protection factor (SPF) or Protection Index (IP) , which measures the protective ability against the harmful effects of sunlight on the skin.

2. Follow the recommended grade of protection levels depending on your natural skin tone:

  • Low = SPF6, SPF10

  • Media = SPF15, SPF20, SPF25

  • High = SPF30, SPF50

  • High = SPF50 +

3. The photoresists contain “filters” , substances that protect the skin and partially stop UV radiation, and can be:

  • Chemicals : absorb solar radiation and transform it into other forms of energy that does not cause skin damage.
  • Physical : scatter and reflect radiation impinging on them. They act as an opaque screen. Small mineral particles are used, obtaining higher performance and improved texture (extend better, less dense).

Today most sunscreens are mixed , ie contain a mixture of chemical and physical filters, which scatter and reflect UVA, UVB and IR.

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