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Summer Makeup: everything you need to know

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Many women do not leave the makeup for the world. It does not matter what time of year we, if it ‘s cold or hot, or whether it is day or night. Others prefer to stop using it in summer as well take advantage of tanning and skin rests.

For those who do not leave without paint your face or the corner, we talked to Natalia Corcione, make –
up artist Majas and Belles, who gave us an idea of how we should care for the skin, which products are better and, of course, told us about the trend that has been in makeup for this summer.

It ‘s
not news that the
color blockthe summer in costume, decoration was taken and, of course makeup. Make – up artist confirms this trend “is full of energy and color”. “We invite you to dare to create eye – catching looks and acid neons mixing colors that convey strength and joy , ” he added.

The color palette is clear:
lime green , fuchsia , orange and intense blue are the colors that are recommended for eyelids, says the specialist, now that “always accompanied by tabs XL”. On the lips the most used colors are fuchsia and orange fluorecente. And on the cheeks, Corcione said that “the flush is not so necessary if we are careful tan.”

Despite the style marked by the colors, the makeup is emphatic in stating that “no matter what we
emphasize area, but we must always keep in mind that the protagonist must be or lips or eyes, because by using fluorescent colors have to be careful and not abuse “and advises that” the area is not outstanding or we make her up with soft nude tones. ”

Natalia says that the main thing is to
consider that
the base is used to match the tone of the face with the body so in the summer most women tan, it is not necessary to use a base. But for those women who nevertheless must occupy basis in summer, make – up artist delivers the secret: apply a translucent powder to set the foundation for not run with anything and also delivers the brightness of the face.
Another important tip is the need for two different bases depending on the time of year: winter and brown summer. This is because in the summer time the skin is exposed to sunlight so it does not have the same color as in winter. As for texture, Corcione explains that “will depend on the type of skin of people: for skin more fat we can use powder foundations or mouse and for those drier must be liquid.” He adds that in the summer, the skin becomes dry so it is advisable to use liquid foundation.

Make –
up artist insists on the application of UV protection either cream or makeup, especially in summer. A
secret so that the makeup last longer while protecting your skin is “must always apply a moisturizer before you start putting on makeup, this will make the skin rather than absorb the makeup absorb the moisturizer and this will allow the makeup has longer duration”.

“The facial cleansing should be throughout the year.
To take away the makeup must use a cleanser all over the face and neck. Then we apply a facial toner to remove any oil that may leave the cleanser and also cool the skin. To finish, apply a moisturizer for the night “, recommends Natalia.

If you suffered one
sunstroke , the makeup delivers a home secret “apply a gauze cucumber pulp and egg white. We must keep this pack on your face for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water. This will help relieve burning and redness. ”

For the makeup,
nails and toes have an important place this summer and follows the same trend make “strong, especially fluorescent and bright colors.” And as for the shape of the nail, it is blunt: “must be rounded or something punteagudas, square for this season will not go”.
Pestles and Guapas

To apply these and other tips, do not forget to
take your classes Summer automaquillaje pestles and Tootsies.

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