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Sun protection during pregnancy: 5 essential tips

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In summer, pregnant must take several factors into account to enjoy a full summer season.

Merce Tortras, pharmaceutical, reminds us of the 5 tips essential for pregnant in summer .

1- Protect yourself from the sun: It is recommended that you use creams protection factor 50, thus leaving you avoid the typical dark spots favored by hormonal changes and we have already spoken on this blog . I recommend using Ladival because you protects from UV-A, UV-B and infrared . It also has a lot of presentations so that they can be used from the smallest to the most demanding parents with those textures easily absorbed. And you have much more moisturizing textures.


2- Protect from heat: Avoid the sun peak hours. Excessive heat causes vasodilation that makes you lower the tension, you can be dizzy and difficult venous return makes the legs swell to you. Apply cold baths in the legs giving a gentle massage from the bottom up and put your feet up whenever you can.


3- Make a healthy diet: In summer and throughout the year, but if you are pregnant with more reason because you feed you and your baby. The diet should be varied, based on the recommendations that your doctor has given you. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid pastries and generally all packaged foods.


4- Drink plenty of fluids : In summer we sweat a lot and if you are pregnant your body is already making an extra effort, if in addition it is summer, you need to add more liquid. The extra supply of liquid prevents frequent constipation in pregnant women, often accompanied by hemorrhoids. You can take many forms, but avoid very sugary, bottled and those containing alcohol. I recommend fresh fruit juices and teas because they provide vitamins, minerals and benefits of plants.


5- Make moderate exercise : Soft swimming or water aerobics would be some of the activities that can be done safely in pregnancy, as long as the doctor has not advised against. Swimming can relieve back pain and the tension, the pressure on the sciatic nerve is relieved, hemorrhoids are reduced, improves muscle tone, improves the cardiovascular system, as you see, almost all are virtues …. prevents problems arising from the very poor circulation of pregnancy such as, heaviness and swelling in the legs, varicose veins, fluid retention and cramps, and the horizontal swimming and gentle water massage, position stimulate blood circulation . By activating circulation in legs and arms symptoms (typical in pregnancy ending after summer) relieve carpal tunnel because the joints are decompressed narrow tunnel. When the mother improves circulation, the baby benefits because it gets more oxygen. It also improves cardiorespiratory system, joints in the water do not suffer so much, so it is more difficult to appear injuries. The body weighs less water and can, with little effort, movements out of water will cost more. The joints are released and will remain more flexible for the final stage of pregnancy and childbirth. It also helps to control weight gain.

Finally, relaxation and stress reduction is very important because it makes you raise the mood to agile and active See yourselves. Welfare and therefore will feel your baby too, because they capture your mood. Make stops to relax floating face up. To be more comfortable colocad a churro foam under the knees and another under the neck.

All these recommendations will help you not only throughout pregnancy but also the time of delivery.

And if these activities do outdoors, do not forget to apply a good sunscreen. If you have sensitive skin, ask for the Ladival sunscreens for sensitive skin, gel – cream texture oil free, fast absorbing leaves a fresh and pleasant sensation without fat intake. They are also formulated without fat, preservative, fragrance without PEG emulsifiers.

And if you want to know how the sunscreen should be applied properly, I advise that you discover here because it is not the same apply it on the face, the neck or body.


Pregnancy and enjoy great care when sunbathing. That sunspots are not the most lasting memory of this wonderful stage of your life.

Happy summer and elegid a good sunscreen! Because … better safe than sorry.



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