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Taking care of your moles is taking care of yourself

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Did you know that our bodies have ten to thirty moles? Depending on your genetics and your care habits predisposed to skin moles may increase. Thus, it is clear that the lunar say a lot about you: your genes and how you take care of your skin. But the first thing you should know is, precisely, what are moles. A mole is a small stain appears on the skin, caused by an accumulation of pigment.

The origin of all are the
melanocytes . They are responsible for skin pigmentation and, generally grouped into a small round cluster, make a mark color that stands out from the rest of the skin. A mole usually becomes a signal characteristic of the person wearing it. Who does not recognize Marilyn Monroe for her mole?

Because any change to occur in a mole may indicate something.
Periodically, controls each of your moles and check it does not happen any of the following:

The best advice is to visit your dermatologist at least once a year and reports on the evolution of your moles.
Most of these are benign, but some may eventually become melanomas.

Always keep in mind that the skin is the largest organ of your body.
Remember that
#tupieltienememoria and seeks to protect from the sun, as well as follow all the advice given to care for her. If you do, your moles do not have to become a problem. They are part of you … to be on your side sign healthier!

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