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Talika presents ‘Light Therapy’, three light devices to eliminate bags, dark circles and redness of the skin – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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Talika has developed three light emitting devices with different types of wave correcting specific skin problems. “Studies of NASA 70s showed that different wavelengths have skin benefits . What we have done is to apply these principles to cosmetics , “explains Alexis de Brosses TodoDermo, President of Talika, during the presentation of the collection Light theraphy , this Thursday, June 23 in Madrid.

Time Control , one of the devices in the range, applies in the area around the eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles . “Use the orange light of 590 nanometers, used to stimulate fibroblast and activate the production of collagen. Also uses red light of 630 nanometers that regenerates and soothes the skin“says De Brosses. It is advisableuse twice daily for one minute by the contour of the eyes, lips and forehead. Its suggestedprice is 99 euros.

Pigment Control is the other device designed to remove stains from the skin. “Employs green light of 525 nanometers, which decreases the activity of the melanocytes. Thus, the pigmentation is reduced to 44 percent“says the company official. It also includes microcurrent to increase the effectiveness of creams. It must be used twice daily on localized stains on the face, neck and hands for one minute. Its suggestedprice is 99 euros.

And to reduce oil production and acne blemishes, Talika has submitted Skin Free . Is based on the ” blue light of 440 nanometers, which helps fight the proliferation of bacteria responsible for acne, and red light that calms skin and reduces redness , ” explains De Brosses. It also has a specific protector because the direct use of blue light on the skin or near the eyes is not recommended. There are two ways to use: twice a day for two minutes in all affected areas three times a day for two minutes only on the imperfections. Its suggested retail price is 79 euros.

The three battery operated, are activated by direct contact with the skin and have an automatic shutdown after one minute.

They will be available in Spain from the first week of September.

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