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What are some tanning tips for fair skin?

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Do you have very white skin? You must be extra vigilant in the summer and must protect yourself to avoid burns during the exposure. And to tan well, it is necessary to prepare your skin upstream.

The clearer the skin, the less melanin it produces. But its role is to protect us naturally from UV radiation. Indeed, during prolonged exposure, the body produces melanin, which results in tanning, to protect the skin cells’ DNA from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Hence a slower tan in fair skin and increased sensitivity to sunlight. So you have to bet on a gradual and smooth tan.


From the spring, or at least 1 month before the first exposures, opt for a course of nutritional supplements in the form of capsules participating in the physiological maintenance of the skin. Bioderma Photoderm Bronz Oral capsules combine vitamins E and C with copper that promote the normal functioning of the immune system and the natural pigmentation of the skin while protecting it from oxidative stress.


Fortunately there are very high sun protection that stimulate the production of melanin and thus promote natural tanning. This is the case of BIODERMA Photoderm Bronz dry oil which exists in SPF 30 and even 50 to suit the clearest and most intolerant skin. This dry oil also prevents premature aging of the skin and applies as well to the face and body as on the hair. As a bonus, it lays a satin veil and leaves no white trace.


We avoid the hours when the sun is strongest (12h – 16h) and we renew the application of sunscreen at least every two hours and after each swim.
For the beginning of the summer, it is advisable to expose oneself little by little. 30 minutes, then 1 hour, then 2 … And to put in the shade as soon as the skin begins to heat.

Extensive care

Cosmetology continues to improve and offers us for some years products specially designed to prolong the tan. All major brands that offer solar products have added to their range so why not use it? They are used on the face as well as on the body. Rich in moisturizing active ingredients, they can easily replace your body cream.

once a day in the morning after the shower

The scrubs

Contrary to popular belief, the scrub does not remove the tan. It eliminates dead cells, which are useless if not to dull the complexion and make you skin as rough as that of the crocodile. The scrub for both the face and the body must be smooth. Avoid the horsehair glove too abrasive and opt for a soft product.

Perform the scrubbing operation two days after returning from vacation, then once every 8, 10 days.

Sun exposure

Optimize every ray of sun to maintain your caramel color. It’s not because the holidays are over that the sun does not shine anymore. At noon play the menu of terraces, public gardens and the weekend, if you have the chance to go to the countryside or the sea, it’s perfect otherwise direction to the outdoor pools or the banks of the river.

From your first day back, treat yourself to a lunch break under the sun exactly.


To unify the complexion and fade if necessary the brand of glasses, use a compact powder, a shade slightly lighter than your skin. As long as you are tanned forget the foundations of dyes that tarnish the mine. For a maximum of shine place with the help of a big brush, some shots of blush in the strategic places: the cheekbones, the nose,

the top of the forehead and the chin.

Every morning upon return.


Since their appearance on the market a little ten years ago, self-tanners have improved well. Easy to use, they ensure a uniform tan, natural and bright.

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