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Ten mistakes of aging makeup

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Hello tod @ s!
The maxim is
“less is more” , especially when we get older. We can be extremely interesting , but carefully massaged with some errors …

  • Makeup base.  Heavy makeup is a one way ticket to look older than you are. Use a light and moisturizing base colored (like Hydra Life of Dior ) and then apply it with your fingers, remove excess in areas where you have more wrinkles. To the extent that the skin is well hydrated, fresh skin looks much younger than obviously a cover complexion.
  • Background makeup.  A foundation that is lighter than your natural tone exaggerates fine lines. Even if you have ivory skin, it tends to bring the skin a little warmer as you get older . Changes to a single tone darker and bright particles as point Giorgio Armani light silk Foundation: “A light formula makes the skin look like it is bright”.  
  • Ear correcter.  The skin under the eyes becomes thinner as we age, not make it look more espesándola when we cover too much with the corrector. Keep the area with light; apply concealer with a brush and help yourself finger to blur . Important: apply it only in dark areas, not under the entire eye. I advise Lancôme Effacernes, Magic Concealer Helena Rubinstein … 
  • Too powders.  The powder is fine to reduce glare on the nose and chin, but in other parts of the face exaggerates wrinkles and can make the skin look too dry. Use them in translucent formulations , flowables. But even then, one unbreakable rule remains: avoid the area under the eyes . I advise to apply a broad brush.
  • Blush on the cheeks.  The volume low cheekbone as we grow older. To maximize the volume in color with the highest point of the cheeks ; not too close to the nose to lift it up. Apply with a brush that is large enough to cover the whole cheekbone. Avoid colors like wine and cinnamon. Choose a neutral shade as the roses that are more natural and cheerful (Nars Blush in Mata Hari). 
  • Lipstick. The natural lip line can begin to fade as you age, which makes lipsticks are more prone to ‘bleeding’. That is, to exit the lip. Shaping the lip with an equal tone color lipstick you use , so the color will remain in place for longer.
  • Incorrect colors lips.  Bars glossy lips, dark shades and all metallic or iridescent are too heavy tones and make the arrugitas more above the upper lip look. Instead, choose neutral shades of pink lifting the natural color of your lip and we can always stir with a touch of brightness.
  • Mascara on lower lashes.  Eyes easily stand out crow’s feet and dark circles. I advise making up the upper and lower lashes with black mask . It will make the whites of your eyes look clearer and whiter, attract attention to your eyes. Rízate tabs. It’s easy and you can do to make your eyes look bigger and therefore younger. I love the eyelash curler Mac and mask Feline Blacks from Helena Rubinstein
  • Delineators on lower lashes. Everything he does makeup with a pencil inside the eye is to make these look smaller and draw attention to dark circles under them. It is better to make a thin line in the upper lashes and upload it and even make it thicker toward the outer corners, where eyes have a tendency to fall.
  • Sheens. A little glitz is nice and keeps the makeup light eyes. But at the outer corners, each fine line is magnified. Restricts the brightness in the outer parts of the eye ; Use it better in the inner corners; the centers of the eyelids and upper cheekbone …

I hope these tips will serve your help,
I see you in my next post! xxx

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