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Ten tips to avoid back pain

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If you want to avoid or relieve your back pain, you follow the simple tips that we bring.

La Dra. Aurora Garre , medical adviser Cinfa, explains that “lumbago manifests as severe pain in the lower part of the blade (between the last rib and the gluteal area), which can be irradiated or not by one or both legs. Although it is not a serious condition, it can be very disabling and painful. “

It is a common ailment that can affect many people , and it is very important to maintain a positive attitude towards it: “Most low back pain have a good prognosis. It is essential to remain active, and remember basic postural patterns to avoid appearing “again.

“When we go ac Oger pesos soil, we do bending your knees and avoid bending your back, adopt proper sleeping position, variemos often work posture and in cases where we are going to make efforts back risk , we use a belt . “

” In addition, daily exercise, such as walking, swimming or performing stretching, help us to strengthen the low back muscles.”

Ten Tips to relieve lumbago

  1. Avoid situations or movements that cause more pain . But otherwise it can be normal life.
  2. Walking and exercise moderately. We must avoid excesses.
  3. Avoid heavy lifting for a few weeks.
  4. Avoid repetitive movements cluttering your back.
  5. Avoid complete rest in bed. To speed recovery and reduce the risk of recurrence in the future, it is important to maintain physical activity that allows pain (including work, if possible).
  6. Adopt a proper sleeping posture . Place a pillow under your knees and another under the neck and avoid harsh or too soft beds.
  7. Applying heat for 20 minutes several times a day to relax the muscles.
  8. Use flexible strips that do not limit mobility. Thanks to compression exerted allow temporary relief from the discomfort.
  9. Resorting to physical treatments. Gently massage the area or application of ultrasonics .
  10. Consult your doctor or pharmacist . To assess the use of analgesics and anti – inflammatories to relieve pain and improve functional ability or the capacity to use muscle relaxants in cases where the pain is very intense , and if their use does not exceed a week.

If, after implementing these recommendations
at the end of the second week no improvement is experienced, it is convenient to go to the doctor to rule out other possible causes or evaluate different treatments.

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