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Ten tips to avoid heartburn on Christmas Eve and Christmas

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One in 10 adults suffer heartburn at least once a week, a figure that is growing exponentially on Christmas Eve, Christmas and generally during the holidays. Therefore the antacid Almax of Almirall offers a Decalogue basic tips that can enjoy the best dishes of the holidays without fear of discomfort after dessert.  

1. Side dishes, broth … comes the first plate and the second, but there is also the third ..? Try to decrease the amount of food on each plate and avoid certain foods and beverages that can cause heartburn : fatty foods (butter, cheese, sausages, sauces and cakes), fried or highly seasoned with spices, chocolate, tomatoes, citrus (lemons, oranges and grapefruits), alcohol, coffee, tea and soda or caffeinated colas or mint.  

2.   Do not be impatient and let the food temple. Eating food intermediate temperature, or too cold or too hot, it will prevent the stomach wall irritation.  

3. The evening is long. So take your time in every bite and chew food well.  

4.  Do not do intense physical movements after eating. A quiet conversation with family or friends will give you time to digest food.  

5. When choosing your outfit for Christmas, avoiding tight clothing and belts not to press the stomach. 

6. Adelanta schedule dinner or lengthens the desktop after the meal, but try not to go to bed before 2 or 3 hours after eating. 

7.  Control your stress as much as possible. Relax and enjoy the holidays. 

8. Do you get up from the table and you will miss the best part of the conversation to get cold on the balcony? You will not find a better time to try to quit. The snuff weakens the sphincter closes the entrance to Maw or. 

9. We can not go to sleep very late coming Magi. When you lie down, place two blocks of 15 cm under the legs of the bedside , to help the acid stay in your stomach and try to lie down on the left side , as it facilitates gastric emptying. 

10. And if you feel acidity in the stomach, choose an antacid to act as quickly as possible, by neutralizing the acid in the stomach and devolviéndote wellness this holiday season.

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