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Ten tips to avoid the stress of ‘back to school’

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After two months of rest and games in the park, long evenings with friends and wonderful swims September arrives with the addition to the school, the early mornings and duties. This is a series of changes that can cause stress in youngsters who had grown accustomed to a life without schedules and without obligation .

However, with foresight and patience we can get back to school classes do not cause stress in children and thus avert the risk of fear or insecurity in children.

1. Start introducing routines before the start of classes: Sudden changes are stressful for both adults and children so spend a holiday with no schedules to school routines should be done gradually. So, if possible, children can begin to set the alarm to get up at a fixed time before school starts and do some exercises as a review for the return to school smoother.

2. Positively: Display a cheerful attitude towards school infects children of enthusiasm. Return to play with his friends, many of whom have not seen during the summer and will have a good time with their classmates. In addition, parents need to be reassured that if they are stressed, children too.

3. Relationship with the school: Attend tutoring to meet our children ‘s teachers and ask about how the course is going to be positive for parents and for children who see their parents are involved and care about their welfare and educational progress.

4. Rest: Children should rest the hours necessary. According ages sleeping hours are between ten and eight hours so they have to acquire appropriate to help them stay awake and attentive during lessons sleep routines .

5. Extracurricular: Children spend in class at least five hours and then have to perform tasks and study for one or two hours so extra – curricular activities should be motivating. They must love and go with pleasure. Children need to have time for free play with your friends .

7. Good food: A good breakfast gives them the energy to perform at school. Children with vitamin deficiencies may suffer from concentration problems during study hours.

8. Communication: Parents should talk to their children and know how they feel at school. It is a very empowering habit, which not only improves parent-child relationship, but also helps detect changes if the child is suffering some kind of difficulty in adapting. Listen carefully to children reinforces their self – esteem because they feel that what they have to say is important for parents and self – esteem is inversely proportional to stress, ie, a higher self – esteem less stress and vice versa.

9. Requirement: Throughout the summer they forget many of the concepts acquired during the course and you need to refresh. At the beginning of the course must have patience and help children remember what they already know to keep learning new things. The level of demand should not suffocate children.  

10. Help Professional : Adapting to a new situation may cause uncertainty for a period of time. However, there are children who suffer severe stress symptoms such as irritability, sadness, anxiety, diarrhea or constipation, so we must be alert to changes in the less because if so you have to go to a professional for help in the adaptation.

The first time

The first day of school can be exciting. Children as young as three years, some still not been met, classes begin and even if they have gone to kindergarten, the feelings are different. They arrive in a new environment with peers who do not know and should go alone, without the company of her parents to a classroom where should acquire novel habits for them.

Parents are the first who must maintain a calm attitude to pass it on to their children. If mom is nervous, stressed or excited with the arrival of his son to school, little reflect those feelings .

No more crying

Some children feel deeply insecure when faced with what for them is the ‘long way’ college entrance. Go to be with his mother to meet with a complete stranger to them is the teacher. Here are some tips to make them feel better and try not to cry and that this trance as smooth as possible.

  • Prepare together the breakfast of the school, and gown material.
  • Tell them things when we went to school, how were our teachers or what we played with our friends.
  • Rise with time to not add stress to rush to all that is the first day of school.
  • Avoid long goodbyes in front of the school gate.
  • Bring a toy or small object that makes them feel safe.
  • Respect the schedules of school and not peer into the courtyard at recess

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