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Ten tips to prevent child domestic accidents

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The European Child Safety Alliance emphasizes that in the EU more children die from injuries than the sum of all childhood diseases which shows where to put the emphasis when it comes to protecting small house. The Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics by the Mapfre Foundation has conducted a study on childhood accidents at home and this work different prevention conclusions are obtained. 

Frequent risks by age

First months of life: Falls.

From two months: In addition to falls risk of burns from hot liquids appears.

Four months: Security in the bathtub.

Six months: Your baby starts moving and can have at your fingertips all kinds of products, appearing the risk of poisoning and burns adding to the possibility of burning liquid on hot surfaces. The change in diet also causes the choking reappear.

Nine months: It’s time to exercise extreme caution with pools and water games. Walkers use increases the risk of falls. 

Twelve months to two years: It is an age when the baby is discovering the world through the five senses so all the above risks remain: falls, burns, poisoning, choking or drowning in the water. 

Two years: Equipment in the game since it is becoming more varied and should be adapted to their age and meet the standards of safety and quality. 

Six years: At this age children can understand and assimilate the basic concepts of fire safety. 

Eight years: It is the ideal place to start with team games age and also to understand and use extreme safety in the sport, learning to follow rules. 

Decalogue prevention

1. In case of emergency call 112. Almost 20 percent of parents do not know the phone number to call when an accident happens at home.

2. Prevention is different at each age. For younger it is essential to create a safe and secure space. A major must be taught to protect themselves.

3. At home protects windows with bars or locks, keeping the chairs or other furniture away from windows, protecting the plugs, install handrails on stairs, use the rear cooking fires and extreme care with heaters and braziers. 

4. Dangerous objects: Children can fall changer, highchair or stroller, choking on small parts of toys, with a balloon or a button battery, so check toys, packaging and is always attentive. 

5. The medicines and cleaning products out of reach of children. Also, when you want to give your child medicine, never tell him is not to take candy misleading.

6. It is necessary to maintain security in the places they frequent the small and take this into account when choosing child care. 

7. In the car: Always use car seats and safety systems approved and suitable for the weight and size of your child. Make sure, besides being approved, you are using the right. Always give good example by putting the seat belt. 

8. Leisure time: the elements playing in the park and sports facilities such as swings or goals must always be well anchored and meet safety standards. In the bathing areas must never lose sight of small children and never leave them alone with the float.

9. Bicycling: All children under 16 years of age must always be protected with helmet and parents can set an example by putting it too. You also have to wear a helmet and other protection with skates or scooters. Every sport has its protection and must be respected. 

10. Driver Education: From beginning to walk beside you must teach him to respect the rules of road safety, crossing crosswalks and respect traffic lights. The example in this case is the best school

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