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Ten tricks (and one tip) to speed up metabolism and burn fat

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Every time we eat or drink we should thank our metabolism the ability to convert these substances into energy. Age, gender, height, weight all influence the rate of metabolism. However, we have some leeway to intervene in its speed. The faster your metabolism, the more calories we will be able to burn. Surely knows more than a lucky person who eats what he wants without gaining weight too. Probably because of that blessing it is a trained or fast by natural or genetic reasons metabolism.  

Here we reveal how you can get your metabolism speed up your speed and burn calories … that is, among other things, for that.  

1. Sleep . It is simple, try to sleep nights lasting between six and eight hours. The relationship between sleep and metabolism is becoming clearer. We not only feel hungrier when we go short of sleep and need to eat more meals hyper caloric. Not sleep metabolism slows considerably.  

2. Drink green tea . It is not only an unsurpassed source of antioxidants, as has been shown in several studies, researchers have discovered that it is a great accelerator of metabolism. It is also a calorie – free food and can consume the entire amount you want.  

3. Increase the intensity of your workout.  The body gets used to the exercise, and metabolism as well. To keep apace is important to include in our workouts high intensity interval causing a jump in metabolism and forces him to keep burning calories long after you have finished training. It is what is called Afterburn Effect.  

4. Do not skip breakfast.  It is time to reconsider whether it is worth stealing hours of sleep for more time for breakfast. From the metabolic point of view you should bet to win quality time for breakfast. Studies show as a quality breakfast boosts metabolism.  

5. Recovers weights.  Bodybuilding exercises and charges are not only useful for muscularse for aesthetic reasons. When converting fat into muscle also forces the metabolism to press the accelerator and burn more calories.   

6. Drink water.  Drinking enough water is an easy way to speed up digestion and burn calories. Some will need more than the recommended eight glasses, and others less. But you have to drink water.  

7. Consume some hot spices.  For example cayenne is useful to speed up metabolism. Its pungent flavor is due to the presence of a chemical compound, capsaicin involved in metabolic processes and which antioxidant and anticancer properties are attributed.  

8. Make 45 minutes ‘cardio’ exercises three times a week . According to a study, do 45 minutes of cycling could keep high the rate of metabolism for about twelve hours.  

9. Come head. Some foods are natural metabolism boosters. For example, tuna and grapefruit. Consciously choose what you put on the table and think about how it will metabolise your body.   

10. Take a cup of coffee in the morning . It ‘s not just a quick way to smarten up. A cup of coffee is absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream, which accelerates the heartbeat and get the metabolic activity peaks up to three hours after having drunk.  

And the tip. Laugh all you can and more.  A laugh can be a long haul. Scientists believe that ten minutes of daily laughter can burn a good dose of energy. Another good reason to laugh.

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