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Thanya Park recommends vegetables – herbs 4 colors to enhance health.

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The main menu can be used to make a variety of choices, or to the appliance. Side was the appropriate metadata. Chattanooga recently created Central Park Srinakarin Tanya with such legendary restaurants. The menu is superb and vegetables – herbs 4 “color – white, black – red – green” served to healthy people have tried the chips , try

a magazine grilled chicken offering two menus starting with “white”, “peak coconut sauce. shrimp, “which is the hero of this dish.
“Coconut” is rare. It must be collected by climbing them.
Cut out the core of the White Balance, beginning of Ma Prao out as one of the coconut tree can have only one outstanding feature of only Coconut subconsciously in a sweet frame. Rich in essential minerals The phosphorus and calcium, which helps maintain strong bones. Prevent osteoporosis and tooth decay for children and the elderly who need a lot of calcium.It is also very suitable for young people who need health care and shapes. Coconut eat much because it’s not fat,

how to make the coconut shade.
Stir the shrimp is not easy Just bring with Coconut and turned on the news words should not exceed 1 inch in size, and not too thin. The coconut is ripe simple When I finished, soak with water and divert. To maintain the whiteness Then stir-fry with shrimp. And cooked on demand In addition, Thailand’s most popular. Curry made such as curry or curry own

next to the “black”, “mushroom soup Laos Basa”, with “mushroom Basa”, which is considered the queen of mushrooms in the game.
Thailand is a major component of cell With features that make the chips. The many people are attracted to dark brown circular shape inside the hollow chew to the Basa. It is the source of the ingredients, it also has the ability to love the study of tuberculosis bruised in the heat in the cold, including inhibition of the cell. Cancer as well

How to make mushroom soup Laos Basa then. Basa be cleaned mushrooms have a water Bring the water to a boil Yanang th month of chilli curry specialty of the restaurant. Basa, followed by mushrooms, stirring until mushrooms are cooked, seasoned with soy sauce, salt water fish, along with vegetables such as Cha wait until cooked vegetables and serve it immediately.

Part of the “red” from the restaurant Shangarila Gold is one of the people who should not be on the “pork fried with chilli sauce” to “Paprika” is a major component. In addition, the properties of the pepper plant. To enhance the flavor of the last round. Need for food Can also help nourish the different elements within the body and help in the system does. Circulation of blood The key is in the digestive system. And help you lose weight as well.

In this menu, there is a procedure.
These do not require cumbersome, but the glistening expertise Start by turning the pork roll. The rectangular bite Mix cornstarch And fry until golden frame with light shades of oil to keep the pig. Then at the plate. The next step is to make the sauce. From pan to heat Chili sauce recipe from the restaurant or chili seasoning according to taste with  spicy, salty, sweet pepper and onion, diced pineapple, stir and pour it on fried pork. Finished the process

Culminating with a light menu with “Green Tuna Salad” with a “green” Japanese restaurant Tokai. The menu is appetizers in the evening. The benefits and not the heavily pregnant , was born because of a clump of green vegetables are the main three types of Green Oak King of lettuce. Many people prefer to eat fresh, because there is Kavita B and vitamin C is very high.

It also contains fiber Relieve Constipation Allows blood, improve eyesight, hair, skin, nerves and muscles, as well as blogs Kerry is rich in dietary fiber, beta-carotene and chemical nature Sulphorhodamine defenseman and Indore, which are qualified. the fight against Maret and Japanese cucumber. A vegetable that helps to detox the toxins helps to hydrate skin. In Japanese cucumber There will be a lot of water. Suitable for eating raw basil. Each body receives the nutrients burned completely

to make it very easy to just put vegetables
3 kinds rinse thoroughly. Then Green Oak vegetables arranged on the plate. Followed by the introduction of Japanese cucumber turns into a van and finally closed. Blog Kerry enjoyed boiled tuna and salad dressing recipes from the shop on the menu, which offers tips on that. Blog Kerry boil, then be happy. Eat away If left nutrients are lost.

For wellness lovers should not miss the 4 menu of vegetables – herbs, served with 4 exclusive taste Kwajalein. The delicious local branch Thanya Shopping Park Srinakarin From now until August 30, 2560 at 11:00 to 20:00 hrs. For more details on 02-108-6000.

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