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The 6 commandments of blusher

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Hi everyone s. The idea of putting color on the cheeks is to imitate a healthy glow. Depending on where you apply or what color we use will be more or less effective it look natural.

1. A skin tone for each.

Although there is
plenty of room for variation,
the pink tones , such as L’Oreal Paris True Match,  are best for pale skin.  L os apricot tones , like Yves Saint-Laurent-cream blush 01 work well for medium complexion. And  red brick off, like Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for dark skin .

2. Find the right formula for your skin.

  • For normal to dry skin: try a cream blush . There are as a cream colored, mixed with other formulas easier and generally give a very natural appearance . Normally they not dry because they are much more moisturizers powder formulas.
  • For normal to oily skin:  go to a powdered formula as Blush Nars. You have a longer duration than a cream blush, because if your skin is oily it can be diluted and more easily fade.
  • To Oily Skin: test blushers gel (which may be more difficult to settle to drier skin). Try for example beneficts Rouges also L’Oreal, Maybelline …

3. Choose well your brushes.

They are very important for the
proper application of the product . Look no larger. Try to buy the that fit the shape and size of your cheeks .Also hair is very important. I advise those of natural hair rather than synthetic hair. Blushers for gel or cream, use your fingers .

4. Create a base on the skin prior to application.

Blusher can make them look more exaggerated reddening of the skin, spots and generally uneven appearance of the skin. The solution? Correct smoothly zone with a base or a concealer before applying blusher.

5. Apply loose powder blusher before.

Even if your skin is not greasy,
a layer of translucent powder will help the pigment is deposited so evenly and last longer:  for example Estee Lauder Lucidity Translucent Loose Powder. If you like your skin look more natural and hydrated, avoid dust  or just apply it to the area where you will apply blush.

6. Where apply.

  • For a natural look , start the application of blusher on top of the apple of the cheek . The idea is to deposit most of the pigments in the right area. If you can not see where that place, smiles to boost the apples of the cheeks up . Then place the color on the cheek which is located directly below the pupil and diffuses outward , toward the ear.
  • To tune a round face:  start the blush on the apples or high cheekbone area. With a brush diffuses along the cheekbones all the way to the temples. 
  • To fill a thin face: important to apply the blusher with circular motions.  Rouge deposited in the center of the cheeks and bring down along the cheekbones and straight into your ears. In the narrow face, I like a bright pink blush on the cheeks center.
  • To soften a square face:  applying a soft shadow blush on the cheeks and down in the hollow cheeks. Then apply very gently on the temples very subtly. 
  • To create higher cheekbones: you  choose a bronzing powder a shade or two darker than your skin and apply it below the lower area of the cheekbones. Then you apply the color slightly above.

PS: When I talk about apples is the highest projection of the cheekbone area, or cheeks.

I hope you enjoy these simple tricks , see you in my next post … xxx

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