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The advice of Juanjo Rodríguez, coach of Paula Echevarría, to get fit in summer

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Word of mouth among the famous works. And it is that since Mar Saura, its discoverer, started training sessions with in Mujerhoy.com interviewed him for the first time and since then his list of ‘celebrities’ has not only increased, it has set up its own center in Madrid, Azca area and leaves of “scheming” to surprise with new projects, the last, related to beauty and personal care, in collaboration with his wife, Isabel Fernandez, adviser ‘beauty’.  

We asked for a ‘break’ in your hectic life to get him some of the advice given to celebrities to not lose the way this summer.

1. We imagine that during the Paula Echevarria, Mar Saura, Ariadne Artiles, Blanca Suarez or Melanie Olivares … have holiday interrupted by a long training sessions. What advice have you given to not lose the way?  

Juanjo Rodríguez (JR): It depends on how long they are on vacation, heh, heh .. Mainly I advised them to enjoy and rest, because that will bring batteries charged to resume routine life. On the other hand to compensate, ie, that if you go to eat for several days, in the following eat very healthy to make up the days of excess.  

2. For those who have not interrupted sessions in summer, how have you adapted training to the weather and the rhythms of life and summer schedules? 

JR: I programmed small circuits to maintain what has been achieved. They are circuits 20 to 30 minutes to perform twice a week. I always advise train in the morning or evening. If you train on a site that is well conditioned, you can train at any time.  

3. What would be for you nutrition practices “prohibited” during the holidays so do not let the ground work done during the rest of the year? 

JR: Keep for days at a diet that is not healthy. You have to enjoy but we must also tell the body that has occurred over one day and it will not be like this for the rest of the week. The body is very smart and will ask for more and more.  

4. Could you recommend some specific exercises to encourage us to play sports even though we live hot days?

JR: I recommend that you follow the following circuit buttocks:


– Although this is also interesting general circuit

5 .  What are for you the most desirable sports to get fit during the holidays?

JR: We can take the opportunity to swim, because with high temperatures are limited to running only early in the morning or late in the day.  

6. What supplements ‘beauty’ we can enrich our body after working in the training sessions)?

– We’re trying something new that is giving us good results, both in the field of skin care, and reducing fat.
We know as ‘wraps’ and are a sheaths are placed in the area you want to handle. It is made with natural products of botanical origin . As he explained by the beauty consultant, Isabel Fernandez: “This product tense, tones and firms any area of the body. It reduces the appearance of cellulite and sagging skin. They used once a week or every 72 hours. The first use is 45 minutes (not to exceed the time to ensure that the skin has no reaction), subsequently may leave more time around half an hour to two hours.

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