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The approach to psoriasis, always multidisciplinary – Pharmaceutical Post – All Dermo

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“The psoriasis is a systemic enfermad that has consequences that go beyond the skin, due to the high number of comorbidities and the impact on the quality of life of patients , ” informs TodoDermo Emilio Monte-Boquet, pharmacy services University and Polytechnic Hospital de la Fe in Valencia, and moderator of the symposium the role of hospital pharmacy psoriasis which was held Wednesday in Gijón, in the 61st National Congress of the Spanish Society of Hospital pharmacy (SEFH) and collaboration with Lilly.

“Psoriasis also has effects on the emotional level , nearly half of patients have problems in intimate relationships and more than a third have trouble falling asleep , ” points out Pablo Coto Segura, a dermatologist at the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias in Oviedo.

  • The difference between hospital and community lies in the type of treatments dispensed

Monte-Boquet stresses “the high prevalence of comorbidities in psoriasis as obesity, dyslipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, smoking and depression .” Therefore, this expert advocates a multidisciplinary approach: ” It is essential that both the dermatologist and the pharmacist hospital, with nurses, psychologists and doctors from other specialties work together to achieve the best possible results with treatment and improve and the quality of life of patients “.

The role of the community pharmacist Monte-Boquet reports: “The focus should be the same as for the monitoring programs and pharmaceutical care. At this time the difference among the hospital , and community – lies in the type of treatments dispensed, so that patients in more serious situation will be treated at the hospital. “

NEW THERAPIES skin lighteners
The conference organized by the SEFH also included the formation of new pharmaceutical treatments such as biological therapies . “New biologic drugs with different mechanism of action are highly effective new therapeutic alternative in the bleaching of lesions ” explains Aitor Ayastuy, Cabueñes Hospital Pharmacist, Gijon. In this regard, Coto Segura adds: “More than 70 percent of patients achieved PASI 90 responses, which means that almost completely clear their skin lesions, recovering high levels of welfare.” The PASI is the index measuring the extent and severity of psoriasis and their lesions clarifies the SEFH- considering aspects like body extension involved, redness, thickness and scaling of the skin.

Finally, during the event it has presented a training program on psoriasis designed by SEFH with the University of Alcala de Henares directed to hospital pharmacists.

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