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The attack of the teeth, by Carolina Carmine

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Here I am again. I’ll tell you I’m scared a little theme coming soon, more may come tonight. The teeth of terror. Several friends with larger buses already are living and they are not spending any good.

ninja baby already has 8 months and it is normal that already come in the way their little mice. I read everything: according to some teething can be very tolerable for some; for others a lot of pain. I only know that anyway something must affect. I think and I suffer from and Emilio and me.
First, run the pailas sleeping (not envy me but Emilio while sleeping from 10 pm to 7.30 am ; no interruptions) because everything is accentuated at night so I’m already imagining raised at dawn; And second if you have discomfort? It may come fever, pain, not wanting to eat and I do not like it, they get like chicks, they can be affected defenses and finish something else worse. And finally to be irritable, mood change ‘ugh !! And yes Emilio knows.
How do I help him ? How not to curse the teeth to make us suffer? Does using or not using anesthetic? Is it useful or not the bite, brush baby? What would be best? The truth is that in these situations try to remain calm, consult my pediatrician with other moms and evaluate what is best, but as a new mom also scared me, I altered a bit, I’m full of doubts and sometimes do not know what do. You have to be positive, the end almost everything always goes well and when the attack comes teeth will be more than ready with our good friend cochayuyo. Yuck!


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