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The average compression for varicose veins, when it is most needed is in summer – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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“In summer it is common for patients with varicose veins and other problems related to venous return stop using compression stockings, even though it is when they are most needed , ” says CF Eduardo González Zorzano, Medical Laboratory Department Cinfa . And, as Nieves Mijimolle, vocal Orthopedic COF of Madrid, explains the heat produces a phenomenon of vasodilatation or increased caliber of the veins . “Therefore the semilunar valves when closed for blood to flow upwards, can not close the veins with complete sealing.

In these circumstances, when walking or running, our own muscles pushes blood down, accumulating fluid in the lower extremities, and this pressure causes the veins to leave deforms further, contributing to worsen disorders associated with venous return. ” He claims that compression stockings “should be used in summer and winter more reason, then mechanically help push blood from the capillaries to the heart”.

In fact, “are prescribed to patients in which the elasticity of the veins or valve system are damaged and ineffective,” recalls the voice of Orthopedics.

However, patients are uncomfortable taking them from the heat and because they do not always withstand the pressure exerted on the legs. To overcome these drawbacks, experts recommend to reduce the degree of compression. “In summer you can recommend compression stockings normal or light, rather than strong compression, and put them only in the morning when not so hot.”

“In addition he continues, only for light compression stockings are called summer lighter fabric”.

Coinciding with Mijimolle, Zorzano González adds that the patient may also offer “a shorter garment if it does not tolerate that should lead” and insists that it should be used “in extended travel by plane, train or car.” Cinfa expert also mentioned the importance of using the sliders, which help people with difficulty putting on socks.

In addition to compression therapy, Mijimolle and Gonzalez Zorzano listed other effective measures to prevent varicose veins from getting worse in summer . Some of them are applied cold showers legs, applying gels cooling effect with gentle massage upstream or venotonic active, take some venotónico orally and, after long standing or sitting periods, lie and raise the legs above heart level.

Mijimolle special emphasis on avoiding “exposure to the sun for long hours, lying without moving, and especially during the hours of maximum heat, leading to an intense and prolonged vasodilating effect”. On what the ambient temperature of risk from which patients with these diseases could suffer complications, both Mijimolle as González Zorzano indicate that although there is no particular value, could speak of “above 25 degree temperatures , ” specified Zorzano.

If you go to the beach, Mijimolle recommends: “move, walk or stroll along the beach, swim occasionally, because fresh water has a positive vasoconstrictor effect, and showering after beach hours to remove salt, as it dehydrates the skin and applying moisturizers. “

On the potential benefits of walking along the beach in patients with varicose veins, González Zambrano believes it is good, because the contrast with the cold sea water activates circulation and improves venous return. “Walking along the edge of the beach and let the waves hit the calves he adds, could enhance the feeling of tired legs.”

At the other extreme, advises against walking on the asphalt in summer because it is “a direct source of heat that can worsen the symptoms of tired legs.” Sources of the University Clinic of Navarra recommend, not only in summer but all year ” to avoid being overweight and sedentary, do not wear clothes too tight, too high or flat shoes heels and moisturize much skin” among others address health measures .

In particular, “the application of moisturizer on your legs and sunscreen helps prevent blood extravasation” specifies Mijimolle.

As drug treatments, when summer comes some patients often implement their medication with a drug with venotónico effect to counteract the effect of heat. “The treatments most used are Daflon (diosmin), Venosmil (hidrosmin) and Venorruton, among others , ” explains Mijimolle.

In his view, the medicinal plants can also be a therapeutic option to consider. “Many plants venotónicas properties that are taken orally or applied in the form of creams or gels and they are cold effect, as horse chestnut, ruscus, red vine, ginkgo biloba and hamamelis”.

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