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The beauty secrets of Chilean actresses

In Natural Beauty Tips

In all we have seen in great television, that’s why we want to know about their beauty routines and exercises they do to stay fit. They told us known national actresses taking care to be nice and comfortable always.

Most cares simple beauty routines combined with physical training.
These five Chilean actresses tell us what they do to care for the skin of his face, also about your workouts with releasing tension and remain healthy.


sta actress and model practice Ashtanga Yoga at least three times a week. Their care is primarily focused on a balanced and healthy diet, which includes a full breakfast and a fruit smoothie midmorning. “I Do not avoid carbs at all. Like fruits and vegetables of all colors. Usually also as tired salads. My last meal is usually around 19:30 pm and I like to eat vegetable soups with a piece of fish for example , “says Javiera.

It is declared against extreme diets, believing that “they are fatal to the mood, the same goes as you eat a
lot of junk. It is important to eat every meal and not go hungry. ”

For your face using moisturizer, also for the eye contour and solar factor throughout the year.


Three years ago he is running on a computer running Nik
e. Also practiced pilates, yoga and swimming, sport being one of his main hobbies.

Care about their beauty Maria Jose says: “My routine is always based on desmaquillarme.
Cleanliness is essential use makeup or not, it is what I learned from my grandmother and my mother. Use
virginal milk during the day, it is cheap and effective way to moisturize the skin. ”

“I have no particular beauty secret.
or I do is know and accept my body. Take care of him with affection and not with aggression. My eating plan is balanced and go to the gym at least five times a week, I do cardio to burn fat and abdominal toning. I also took a lot of water and above all try to be happy. ”

“I look for
things that make me s
entir good and comfortable. I try to sleep and stretch a lot when I’m lying. Play with my kids and eating well is one of my beauty strategies. I care much my thoughts, focusing on the positive, this makes all the difference in my days. ”

The actress of
“two for one” makes TRX and Pilates in the gym O2.

As for her beauty routine he says that “with this dry climate is essential to
nourish the face. Once a month I get a facial in
Medsthetik . Also downtown Le Ciel I do oxygen therapy, treatment of deep hydration with application of oxygen in the skin. To take care of my face I love the Sensitive line of Burt’s Bees “.

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