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The beauty tips of ‘Secrets of girls’

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Patry Jordan is one of the most emblematic videoblogueras of our country through their hair and makeup tutorials that goes up to his Youtube channel Secrets of girls and has more than 1,600,000 followers. Also just released his first book ‘My ideas of beauty to shine every day’, a complete manual with tips and tricks hairstyles, makeup, skin care, hair and nails .

Patry Jordan in 2010, sports monitoring , and image consultant, decided to upload to Youtube video, recorded with his webcam, which showed how few waves made with the hair iron. I could not imagine that 5 years later this channel would have more than 600,000 views per day and more than 1,600,000 followers . Youtube channel after the web w came ww.secretosdechicas.com , where in addition to the videos, Patry Jordan publishes a blog that updates 4-5 times a week and where you can find all the information you can think about creams, makeup and hairstyles.

Patry Jordan in 2013 won the Second Prize Women in IT Mujerhoy.com beauty category in 2014 received the Gold Button Youtube, award video platform gives users more successful, getting more than a million subscribers. Facebook follow more than 3 million fans on Twitter, more than 60,000 Instagram and more than 122.00. And amid this success in the world 2.0 gerundense blogger, 31, he has taken his first book ‘My ideas of beauty to shine every day’ (Random House).

It is a complete manual of the world ‘beauty’. Divided into five parts: skin care, makeup, hair, nails and fashion , Patry Jordan did not want to use the content of your channel, but create a complementary content. “It’s a book that you read it once, if not you have it close and reread whenever you want to get a new hairstyle, a different makeup, or have any questions when dressing up”. The book is very practical and includes steps steps with photos of the author herself and illustrations detailed in which, among other things, we have found that there are 11 types of braids.

Where lies the success of Secrets girls? Patry Jordan confesses that is a very consistent person, who puts passion into everything he does, and above all, listening to your audience. “Receive emails from fans telling me that my tips are changing their lives, cheer me up and helps me work hard. Just listening to know what they want and try to give it. “

“I love everything related to the image of people, and I like to give tips and tricks so that each person knows should take full advantage . Both the book and in my blog give the basics of makeup and hair, not from the professional point of view, but that each person’s advantage to feel at ease and happier. ” And in the book you can find what the right makeup if your face is oval, elongated, rectangular, round , cuadrad, hexagonal, triangular … Or what colors are you more depending if you’re brunette, blonde, brunette or redhead.

For the blogger ‘Secrets of girls’, the secret to be and feel beautiful lies in the attitude to life “is a cocktail of all, emotions are reflected in our hair and on our skin, so you have to try to do it makes you happy, but you also know what suits you and what does not, you have to lead a healthy life, in every way. “

And under this premise Patry Jordan has launched 15 days ago a new website sport, Gymvirtual with calendars exercises, training videos, nutrition plans … “Many people want to take care and lead a healthy life, but do not know how, in Gymvirtual provide them with training and eating plans, there is also a community that creates a bond of commitment, which also helps to be consistent. “

To conclude our interview, Patry Jordan gives us advice “not worth the complaints, the shares are worth, if you want to feel better you have to make an effort, however small , but every change needs work”. And a beauty trick to all our readers (and also not in her book) “so that the mask work better in your hair, wrap with a damp cloth and previously should warm up 20 seconds in the microwave , heat opens follicles and will penetrate further into your hair. “


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