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The benefits of lip exfoliation are tissue regeneration and makeup fixation. – All Dermo

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The benefits of a lip exfoliation are “removing dead cells and renew tissues , leading to a more youthful appearance , ” according to a TodoDermo Petra Vega, president of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME). Other advantages include better absorption of cosmetic products and fastening lip , as Naomi Gayoso, professional make – up artist says: “Most people apply moisturizers several times a day and, although aid is not enough: the first step is exfoliation. “

Vega recalls that this treatment involves the removal of dry skin of the lips and, as in other parts of the body may be chemical or mechanical : “There are many procedures to perform a lip scrub, but they should always make professional because employees acids They must be evaluated by a medical aesthetic and adapt to each patient. ” This specialist is not recommended, for example, “lip exfoliation in patients with herpes or some type of immunodeficiency. If mechanical -apunta- are often used aluminum micro-crystals because they are very effective. “

Regarding when to perform the chemical peel , Vega advises to “avoid the summer months because sun exposure is higher and the treated skin is more sensitive.” The frequency depends on each patient, but “at least should be done every three or four months. In addition, the results are visible one week after treatment , “he added.

expert Consulted by TodoDermo agree that there are cosmetics designed to perform an exfoliation at home, however, Vega warns: “The results are not the same without the advice of a good professional can damaging the area. “

Meanwhile, says Gayoso to a mechanical exfoliation a toothbrush, sugar, water and lemon juice squeezed needed.

Steps for development and implementation:

1. Mix a tablespoon of sugar with water or lemon juice until a thick mass. “Instead, it could directly use an exfoliating brand, but if we do ours, will be less aggressive , ” he advises.

2. Dip the toothbrush in the home exfoliator and apply it on the lips in a circular motion for a minute or two.

3. Remove the product with water and drying the area.

4. Moisturize lips. “You can use a balm, petrolatum or opt for natural moisturizers such as olive oil, honey or papaya.”

Whether it’s a professional or home exfoliation, Vega recalls that “hydration is essential and the use of high sun protection lip balm .”

In this video , Gayoso makes an secilla demonstration of how to perform this treatment at home.

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