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The best techniques to have perfect eyebrows

In Natural Beauty Tips

Natural tendency, bulky and very drawn. Thus women prefer. But finding the perfect eyebrow shape is very complicated. Therefore, we give advice from a specialist.

Women often give enough importance to the
care and eye makeup, but often the great power of seduction have underestimated eyebrows. It is important to have them always perfect because they provide much of expressiveness and harmony to the look.

Eyebrows being in good shape and symmetry, can further increase the beauty of your eyes.
“The thickness of the eyebrows or thinness can radically change the facial expression. Most importantly is that they are symmetrical facial features without having to radically follow the fashion of the time , “says
Doris Martinez , image consultant and owner of the chain Les Gemeaux Esthetique Ltda .

Going back in the past, we can say that the eyebrows have different styles over time.
Thus, for example, in the thirties he eyebrow completely eliminated and drawing with a pencil; Today, thin eyebrows have disappeared from the landscape aesthetic. Models and actresses are betting on very bulky drawn eyebrows, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz are the most imitated.

Since several seasons, natural, thick and very thick eyebrows are a constant in all international parades and a desire for most women to achieve this look of naturalness, it
is necessary to use in most cases experience expert avoiding remove more hairs of desired and have enough skill to make the most of the face.

Your natural and a new bow bow?

Some professionals claim that
it is best to retain the original form because it is the perfect way . However, there are those who change their natural arc taking other forms sometimes with excellent results; sometimes the opposite. The decision to change the shape of your eyebrows is very personal and it is best to consult an expert.

Doris Martinez recommends shape them according to the
type face and hair, eyes, age, skin color, etc ,. Eyebrows are the only thing that can be modified without resorting to surgery, usually require no makeup and you have to brush them in a disciplined manner. “Finding the perfect eyebrow shape for your face is an art and not everyone have it , anyone can pluck eyebrows but the best way to give you just a few , ” said the expert.

The choice according to your face

weak eyebrows or removed very clear expression in the eyes, while very dense or untidy, add a dose of antipathy to our gaze.
Hence , it is extremely important to provide eyebrows care they deserve and work with them to achieve the intensity of look we want.

But not all born with perfect eyebrows, it is
best to give them the proper way to wear a natural, deep and beautiful look.
To achieve the best result can make an outline and shaped eyebrow shape that allows eyebrows as your bow. Tweezers are used because the wax is very aggressive for the face and skin of the eyelid and regular use can cause them to fall. Then, fastener products that prevent the disorder of hairs are used, the effect lasts approximately 3 weeks.

For women who have very escazas eyebrows and want a final, permanent makeup or micropigmentation is a form of cosmetic tattooing used for eyebrows delineated to perfection, simulating thickness, height, arc length and / or color can be made.
Its great advantage is that it allows carrying it always present their best 24 hours a day, “now that we’re right in the summer season is the most recommended, since it is permanent. Duration in time is 3 to 5 years and could require color retouching a year or more , “says the specialist Les Gémeaux.

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