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The blush you need according to your face

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Healthy, pale pink or exaggerated. Flush application seems easy, but this simple step has its rules. Look what an expert told us.Simply indispensable makeup. Pink, brown, violet or peach, the color and the application does not give the same, depending on your skin tone and the style you want to wear. For this we talked with Alberto Lerda , Natura make up artist who gave us some useful tips to look healthy and fashionable.

Makeup expert argues that the first thing is to
identify the shape of our face (for this you can see the kind of face that you have below).

When the
face is wide , the blush should be applied to form an inverted triangle, so the face looks slimmer. But when the face is longThe blush should be placed as a horizontal line starting from the middle ear and making sure that the flush is in the center of the cheek, thus an effect that makes it look rounder face is obtained.
Types of face:
Round: This face is as long as wide creating a circle.
Oval: As the name suggests is an oval face, slightly longer than wide, has a wide forehead and chin tapers gently and gradually.
Square: If the length of the face is larger than the width you can call long or rectangular face, whether they are nearly equal is square. This type of face has a strong jaw.
Long: The opposite is the facial faction that dominates this face shape. It is usually a thin face.

When choosing blush thinking enhance skin tone several shades that are suitable and correct, Alberto Lerda gives the following tips:

yellow or pale skin: Flushes in orange and pink tones enhance it by changing the tone the skin.

the use of tones in the range of peaches, apricots or pink is recommended.
Skin and naturally ruddy cheeks: It is best not to apply any shame, because this type of skin has the natural color.

Dark skin or ebony:
Ideally , apply blush wine or purple tone, they must be applied with great discretion, as they are strong blushes pigments and denote their application.
Compact Flush: The more traditional and easy to use. You can put on all skin types and applied with brushes or brushes.
Cream blush: Special for dry skin. It is applied with the fingertips or sponge.
Flush liquid or gel: Da more translucent colors that show the skin tone. They can be used in fat and normal skin. They can be difficult to apply, but they last longer than others. This also applies with your fingers.

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