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The COF start a campaign to advise on hydration – Pharmaceutical Post – Todo Dermo

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General Council of COF announced Tuesday that, through the Investigation Board

National Pharmaceutical Power, has launched a new

edition of the campaign of hydration, this time with the slogan
Five Keys

. An initiative that has the support of Aquarius and

Coca-Cola Spain.


aim of this new edition of the campaign, as pointed out, is to
insist citizens about the

importance of proper hydration through a number of tips

simple and general, for pharmacies to
have a brochure that

includes the recommendations in
Five key hydration .

In addition, the campaign aims to provide the pharmacist about

the most important points to consider hydration depending on

age and physiological state of the user, what has been your

disposal the technical report “Guidelines hydration drinks with salt



Aquilino García, National Vocal Power General Council of

Pharmacists, proper hydration is essential, especially in the era

summer, so it is necessary to
know some basic guidelines to prevent

risk situations.


  1. Thirst is a sign that warns us that and you have to drink liquids. Drink without waiting to be thirsty.
  1. Consume between 2 and 2.5 liters of fluid a day, bring you the food, such as fruits and vegetables, water and drinks. At meals it is also necessary to maintain proper hydration.
  1. Situations such as heat and environmental dryness and other special circumstances may favor dehydration. If you have symptoms such as thirst, dry mucous membranes and skin or decreased urine output, drinks with mineral salts-in particular sodium- and rapidly absorbed sugars can facilitate better rehydration.
  1. If you make physical activity and exercise, albeit moderately, you should hydrate before, during and after practice because exercise causes the removal of water and mineral salts. physical activities in the middle of the day are not recommended during the summer.
  1. If you perform some type of diet can vary your specific water requirements and therefore your hydration needs. Always follow a routine pattern of fluid intake throughout the day, with special attention to moments of warmth and physical activity.

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