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The consumption of alcohol would be related to an increased risk of melanoma – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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Alcohol consumption would be associated with an increased risk of melanoma in whites, according to a study at the Faculty of Medicine at Brown, in Providence (United States), published last December in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention the American Association for Cancer Research . The researchers tracked 210,252 participants through questionnaires about their eating habits for an average of 18.3 years. From answers 12.8 grams of alcohol was established as a reference unit for analyze results.

  • 12.8 grams of alcohol was established as a reference unit for analyzing the results

The data indicate that daily consumption of one unit of alcohol would increase by 14 percent the risk of developing melanoma and 13 percent for white wine . This substance showed a significant association that red wine, beer and spirits, whose intake is not associated with the onset of the disease. Although the causes of this relationship, Eunyoung Cho, author of the work, unaware explains that “some wines have higher levels of acetaldehyde than other beverages and, in the case of red wine, the existence of antioxidants can compensate for the risk.”

Research also confirms that the relationship between alcohol and this condition is more relevant in less sun – exposed parts . “Compared with nondrinkers, those who drank 20 grams or more of alcohol per day had a 2 percent more likely to develop melanoma on the head, neck or limbs, but the possibility amounted to 73 percent if the trunk , “specifies Cho.

  • Red wine, beer and spirits are not linked to the occurrence of melanomas

In his opinion, “the clinical and biological significance of these findings remains to be determined, although advice on alcohol consumption in patients with other risk factors may be an appropriate strategy.”

This expert also notes that the work ” did not include participants with black skin and took into account the use of photoprotection by respondents , therefore, the findings can not be generalized.”

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