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The contact ‘skin with skin’ after a cesarean delivery, a reality in Infanta Leonor – Correo Farmacéutico

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The University Hospital Infanta Leonor allows contact skin to skin between the newborn and mother in cesarean deliveries as in vaginal, by physiological and emotional benefits that this procedure is for both. Contact skin to skin is being carried out both scheduled and non – urgent cesarean Caesarean, provided there are no medical contraindications that endanger the safety of mother and newborn at risk.

The procedure implemented in late June 2016, involves placing the infant on the breast , without interposition of clothing , immediately after cesarean delivery. In the first year of this initiative at the University Hospital Infanta Leonor they have made a total of 445 cesarean sections, with possible contact skin to skin in more than half of them (51.2 percent).

After the Caesarean section, the mother and newborn are taken to control the delivery room and postoperative recovery, which may be accompanied by the baby ‘s father or another person chosen by her. When the clinical condition of the mother does not allow you to make the skin to skin , is provided to the parent or chaperone the ability to perform this procedure with the newborn in the obstetrics ward.

Caesarean sections have been increasing in recent years, assuming
about 20 percent of births worldwide . Cesarean delivery still subject to protocols surgery and resuscitation, which can delay the newborn contact with their parents and the start of breastfeeding.

proven benefits

Among the strategies delivery care, contact is established skin to skin immediately after birth between mother and newborn as a quality standard recommended by the analysis of experiences , current research and scientific evidence. In this sense, is demonstrated its positive impact on the adaptation of the newborn to the environment, the establishment of the bond between mother and child, and the establishment of breastfeeding.

In case of caesarean also exist other added benefits : it improves the perception of the mother for her childbirth and helps the birth experience is living more pleasant way, avoiding the feeling of loss, disappointment or sadness that can often presenting women when they have the ability to make immediate contact with your baby.

Similarly, promote accompanying women during postsurgical recovery after cesarean by a person of their environment, preferably the father of the child or other figure linked affectively it constitutes an emotional support reduces anxiety that the surgery , while facilitating the start of the bond of family unity and the adaptation of the newborn to extrauterine life.

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