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The cosmetic industry must listen to the customer

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Consumer expectations are growing at all levels, including the beauty and cosmetics. Industry and institutions have to be taken into account to continue growing and selling their products. This was said Meredith Smith, director of strategy of the American consulting firm The Future Laboratory , at an event organized by the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics (Stanpa) in Madrid, on the occasion of the presentation of its new headquarters in the capital (see support ).

According to Smith explained, “The world is becoming increasingly urbanized. The studies do not look much on age, sex or national origin of the population, but their mentality. Beauty standards are changing. No longer we worry so much about protecting skin from the sun or wrinkles and aging, but increasingly interamos us to preserve the beauty and prevent damage . ” In this concept, we must also add that the consumer has seen that “technology allows unlimited access to beauty”.

The industry must know all this in order to act accordingly and deliver what users and consumers demand and want “; and that, from his point of view, “is human and personal treatment”. The cosmetics industry, the creators of new products and vendors “have to listen to users in order to suit your needs and offer them what they really need.”

And they should do it because otherwise, new technologies and social networks will do it for them. Increasingly customers ” go to Youtube to search for products because they identify with the protagonists of the videos .” The brand idea ” is no longer any stores or industry, as before, if not what they tell each other , ” he explains, because “technology has changed the whole landscape of the brands.” So now more than ever “firms need to listen to consumers so individually and not in focus group”. In fact, according to their data, 42 percent of consumers under 35 years would be willing to help a brand to improve their products if that will feel identified with them. ” And, according to Smith, “a third of the world ‘s women believe that the cosmetics you use do not match your skin type and meet the specific needs that require”.

more humanization

To move in this direction, both industry and cosmetics dispenser user need to establish “a more intimate dialogue and offer products that suit your personality and way of being.” Smith sees the problem in the “physical and not digital world “. Marks “must work this and humanize the relationship with the user and personalize the customer shopping experience in the establishment.”

STANPA new headquarters in Madrid

Last week the bosses of cosmetics and perfumery, Stanpa industry, inaugurated its new headquarters in Madrid. The presentation ceremony was attended by Clara Pi, Communications, and Marival Diez, CEO, who explained to attendees the different activities that houses the headquarters located in Plaza Santa Barbara, No. 3 in Madrid. In addition to working on industry issues, the facility has space for Stanpa Foundation, in which workshops for women who have had cancer to help them recover their looks will be offered.

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