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The cutaneous alterations in the pregnancy, question of genetics – Pharmaceutical Post – All Dermo

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During pregnancy endocrine, metabolic, vascular and immunological changes that cause the appearance of occurring skin disorders that can be “changes or treat diseases that worsen during pregnancy , ” explains Maria Jose Alonso, a dermatologist at the Dermal Clinic and Hospital Torrecárdenas, Almeria and author of the blog Dermatology and more . “The predisposition to these conditions is genetic -detalla- not be related to other skin diseases; In fact, most eruptions affect women with healthy skin. “

According to Jaime Vilar, a dermatologist at the University Hospital of Gran Canaria , Doctor Negrin and member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), “only 20 percent of patients have a prior history of atopic dermatitis”. In his view, there are two types of eruptions: Atopic and polymorphous . “The first -concreta- is characterized by the appearance of itching and eczema localized in the forearm skin folds, the posterior region of the knees, eyelid, neck and hands, but can also cause bumps on the lower extremities. In addition, there is probably relapse in the next pregnancies. ” The polymorphous eruption, More common in the third quarter, it not usually repeated in subsequent pregnancies and detected by irregular lesions. “Eczemas and edemas affect abdominal area, back and lower extremities”. In his experience, prevention is difficult “because both eruptions are determined by genetics.”

Other conditions associated with pregnancy
– gestational Pentigoide : a disease linked to immune system and trigger can be any hormonal imbalance. “The most common symptoms are itching, reddish erythema and blisters in the periumbilical region. Appears in the third quarter and often repeated , “says Vilar.
– Intrahepatic cholestasis : it is related to poor functionality of the hepatic system and infections hepatitis C. “The cause of this disease is related to the difficulty in removing bile salts produced by the liver and their accumulation in the blood, which creates a very intense itching. ”
– Black line : is a disease characterized by the appearance of spots on the skin, particularly in sun – exposed areas. ” There are dark spots that develop during pregnancy and sometimes disappear after pregnancy.”

sun protection and hydration in depth are the best tips for pregnant in order to avoid stains on the skin and protect it . ” It should be stressed skin hydration because it is a time when the skin is affected by hormonal factors and increased volume , ” said Vilar.

Jaime Vilar recalls the need to quit smoking , for all the risks involved, and pay attention to cosmetics used: “Some products are photosensitive and may favor the development of skin spots , ” he concludes.

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