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The ‘deco’ advice of Lorenzo Castillo: 10 practical ideas to have a house with a lot of style

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1. The rule of all rules, ” authenticity “. According Lorenzo Castillo, “to have a stylish home should be genuine, a reflection of the personality of the owner, their lifestyle and their way of being . Not worth living in a house that is not yours, but on who you want to be “.

2. Yes, a house is not a home … “without order, without books or art” . But we must send the container “anything that has no value for us, either economic or sentimental. Accumulate nonsense is useless. “

3. A house with style … ‘low cost’? If possible. The key is convenience, we actually feel at home. It is true that good decorating is expensive, but the interior is like fashion, if you have style, you can get a beautiful home on a budget . Yes, you have to have a special sensitivity to achieve … and sometimes get that sensitivity is difficult, and expensive. “

4. All rooms are important, we must not neglect any. “From the kitchen guest toilet, everything must be consistent as a whole. I love houses a library and dining room, for example. And something that sometimes do not pay attention and it is essential is the ‘hall’, the hall, because it is the first ‘letter’ of our house. “

5. imperfect supplements: “Unlike fashion, in decoration ins as ‘props’ are useless , because if they have a reason and a motive create a false very negative effect. Yes, the textiles are critical and give great results. “

6. And the trend of the season is … “around the high decoration and baroque”.

7. Then, the rule of ‘less is more’ … “in decor not worth, because  both excess and minimalism are two different styles , and if done well, either are perfect”.

8. The big challenge in decor goes, Lorenzo Castillo, for ” humanizing and make ‘liveable’ houses, by itself, are dehumanized, as some cases of very modern architecture.”

9. Terrace, balcony, garden … “landscaping is essential, no matter the meters that have outer space, we consider it a longer stay home and take care of your style according to the part of a whole.”

10. By the way, nothing to bring the ‘leftovers’ from our house to a second home, if we have it . Not the same town house, apartment beach, or live in Madrid, in Barcelona. Each must have its own identity and, therefore, take care of their own style. “

And a ‘bonus track’ …

Do not call it ‘old’ when you mean old … Lorenzo Castillo clarifies the difference: “An antique is a piece of more than 100 years of economic value, while some ‘ vintage ‘ is nothing more than something old or second – hand”.

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