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The definitive flight guide for pregnant women: 14 tips for traveling by plane

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Before the trip:

1. Make sure you take with your health card and passbook pregnancy .

2. recommends insuring valid travel should occur a premature birth on board , check that this covers both the mother and baby.

3. If you travel abroad, keep in mind that some countries restrict or limit the entry of foreign pregnant women . If in doubt, check with the local consulate or embassy.

4. If traveling abroad, check if the medical facilities in the country of destination shall be adequate and suitable to handle any problems that may arise.


5. Restrictions pregnant to fly by plane vary depending on the airline (eg with Vueling you can travel to the end of week 35, while with Air France there are no restrictions). In addition to some airlines must present a medical certificate to fly. Therefore you need to check with each airline what documentation is required and to what stage of pregnancy is allowed to fly. Skyscanner has created a guide with all the information: 

6. When billing is recommended to request a seat with footrest to keep legs elevated during the flight and located next to the hall to stand up easily.

7. If you travel after the 28th week of pregnancy , you should do so with a traveling companion , that can assist you during pregnancy.

8. It is advisable to travel with large and comfortable clothes and wearing compression stockings to help blood circulation.

9. It is recommended to be careful with luggage and avoid heavy lifting .

During the flight:

10. Move frequently.

11. Fasten the seat belt under the abdomen, in the pelvic area .

12. Masajéate legs periodically.

13. Drink regularly, but avoid fizzy drinks.

14. Avoid the meals very heavy .

Also, keep in mind that, according to the airline , there are several that have restrictions more or less broad with pregnant women, depending on their particular policy. Here you are summarized the main ones :

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