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The dermoanalyzer, an ally to detect skin dehydration in winter – Correo Farmacéutico – Todo Dermo

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Low temperatures and increased external aggression needs hydration of the skin , which is an opportunity to get more dermoanalizador in the winter. “The symptoms of dehydration, such as flaking and irritation are a good claim to launch campaigns to attract users to the pharmacy and check the status of your skin , ” says a TodoDermo Susana Schröder Vilar, pharmaceutical Pharmacy Station, in Barcelona. He explains this strategy also can offer samples of hydrants creams with dermoanálisis service.

  • Some devices have a dual function and allow capillary studies

In his view, the facial hydration is the protagonist in the winter months because “the face is more sensitive and more manifest where aging, irritation and dilated capillaries (couperose). Also relevant are more exposed parts: the neckline, neck and hands, where the proportion of hypodermis is thinner. ” For these reasons, Schröder commitment to “focus dermoanalizador use in its functions of hydration, desquamation, elasticity and wrinkles .” To measure these parameters, this tool usually has several probes, hydration, pigmentation and elasticity, and a cartridge sebum. ” In addition, some devices have a dual function and allow a capillary study, analyzing hydration and sebum from the scalp” he says.


Hair condition is another trump card to enhance this service in winter because “sudden changes in temperature, use hot water and dryers promote hair dryness, and flaking his fall , he says. In your experience, to assess the effects of these factors can be used all the features offered by the device, “insisting on the state of scalp and possible breakage of hair fibers.”

In the case of atopic skin , Marta Sanchez, pharmacy Plaza Mayor, Zamora, explains that his apothecary at this time “uses a lot of functions that measure the moisture and fat in young girls with acne because they often show how burned they have skin. ” Also it advises “a first analysis before starting a full treatment and other post because that patient outcome is observed”. Regardless of the time of year, he insists that “the dermoanalizador is an instrument that allows the Council to endorse dermofarmacia”.

From the Pharmacy Plaza Mayor the idea that this service is cross products sales defends dermo that can prove the user why you recommend one rather than others , with the evolution of his skin evidence of their needs ” . In this regard, Schröder believes that “winter is a good time to combine the sale of creams and serum , in many cases change facial cleansers by other softer and promote packs of scrubs and masks.”

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