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The elastosis of smokers can be corrected with treatment – Pharmacist Post – Todo Dermo

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The first consequences of smoking are manifested in the aging of skin with wrinkles, sagging and dehydration, obvious signs of elastosis. The snuff has a negative effect on the elastic fibers of the dermis and accelerates its disintegration . “The elastosis of smokers start in the middle or deep dermis, as it is caused by free radicals that reach the skin through blood , ” according to the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME). Alberto Morano, a spokesman for the platform, TodoDermo explained that “the first visible sign is skin aging, manifested in the appearance of skin blemishes, wrinkles and dryness . It is produced by thedegeneration of the elastic fibers and collagen of the dermis, causing an elongation of the tissues thereof “.

When snuff derived free radicals outnumber antioxidants cellular aging occurs. To prevent this , ” it would be important to increase the intake of natural antioxidants , from fruits and vegetables, as this FOMA is the improve skin quality of smokers and former smokers people , ” says Concha Fuentes, aesthetic medical Seme. As recounted Morano, “the body of a healthy person is equipped to fight against these radicals, by its own system, called antioxidant system that produces vitamin C, E, carotenes, etc”. However, he adds, “if the formation of free radicals is higher than normal, the antioxidant system is not enough to counteract and cellular damage will occur.” Consumption Nutricosmetics adds Fuentes, “can help produce vitamins , but if taken regularly will accumulate in the liver , so we recommend its use in waves”. Lola Bou Camps, specialist in dermatology, tells TodoDermo that one of the effects of snuff is the decreased levels of vitamin A , “in some cases can help normalize levels making some Nutricosmetics, but without abusing them “.

Correct elastosis

For correction elastosis, Fuentes believes it is best to develop a personalized plan. ” The first step would be to perform peelings to remove the outer layer of skin. The second, therapies with laser light or intense pulsed light, to emphasize the natural collagen production. ” Then he adds, “must move to treatments such as hyaluronic acid injected or mesotherapy with vitamins” he explains. To maintain the success of any aesthetic medical condition is critical , “the exercise, diet and cosmetics , complementing treatment.” Also at home “must be maintained daily cleaning of the skin and a procedure based serums and creams.”

The signs of aging that produces snuff accentuated in wrinkles around the eyes , facial lines and mouth. Camps recommends treating these areas daily, “with very moisturizing cosmetics and chemical peels performing regularly. It can even use a treatment in consultation with platelet rich plasma “for the direct regeneration of collagen fibers.

The assets that help improve aging skin elastosis patients are silicon because promotes regeneration of elastic fibers, the hyaluronic acid uncrosslinked , maintaining hydration in skin and trace elements, vitamins or amino acids . Morano also recommends relaxation exercises and massages with essential oils, but above all ” to avoid excessive sun exposure , sunbathing appropriate and recommended products hours. “

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